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Will VR be mainstream for next generation of gaming?

Will VR be mainstream for next generation of gaming?

The gaming industry has seen many developments in recent years including the addition of both augmented and virtual reality. These two technologies have been embraced by game designers.  Virtual reality games such as London Heist and AR games like Pokemon Go have thrilled gaming audiences around the world. Will these technologies continue to be developed to create a new generation of gaming?

Despite initial projections, development for VR technology has been a bit slower. The headsets continue to be somewhat clunky with high prices for the most refined devices. As developers continue to work on honing this product, the future still holds a lot of potential and consumer interest is still high. As with most new types of technology, development can take several years to be more user friendly. All hope is not lost in regards to VR; however, AR technology seems to have been easier to incorporate into gaming applications.

Some industries are beginning to find ways in which to use VR and AR to improve upon the gaming experience they provide customers. For instance, since the development of the internet, the online casino industry has gone to great lengths in order to evolve their gaming product to provide as realistic of a gambling experience as possible given the technology. With VR becoming more common, online casinos such as casinoonline.co.nz are looking how this can take their virtual gaming to a whole new level.  Some have already been developed including Slots Million Casino. VR is also being used to develop land based venues into entertainment hubs including amusements parks in Las Vegas and as part of the Disney industry.

Technology is improved upon and refined over the years with use. It is very probable that as advancements occur, that VR will become much more accessible and user friendly, promising to help usher in a new era of gaming.

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