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SoundPEATS Q11 Headphones Review

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SoundPEATS Q11 Headphones Review. Today under the microscope, is a unique product from SoundPeats, a manufacturer of some frankly epic audio products. The Q11 is aimed towards sports users, but theirs no reason not to consider them for multipurpose either.  The unique clip system means they are truly sporting friendly, no matter your task at hand. Available in either black or as black/red combo the visuals will surely entice you, and the insanely low asking price , just sweetens the deal that bit more.

Are they worth considering? Let’s find out.



  • AMAZING SOUND QUALITY: Cutting edge Bluetooth 4.1 Technology with advanced aptX® sound for class-leading wireless audio and optimal sound quality.
  • MADE FOR COMFORT AND SECURE FIT: Ergonomic design optimized for ultimate wearing comfort (additional ear buds included) to match your active lifestyle like running, jogging, cycling, driving, camping, hiking gym exercise and other outdoor sports.
  • MUSIC AND PHONECALLS IN HOURS: Enjoy up to 5.5 hours of premium quality play time (full charge in around 2 hours); experience crystal clear highs and lows and driving bass. The built-in microphone let you get high quality, hands-free phone conversation with clear voice
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY: Fully compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphones and tablets, Windows devices, and all popular Bluetooth devices
  • Package Content: SoundPEATS Q11 Bluetooth Earbuds, USB Charging Cable, 6x Ear Cushions, Mesh Carry Pouch, Hard Cover Clamshell Case, User manual & SoundPEATS 12 Month worry-free warranty.
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Your world without wires
Cut the cord with powerful Bluetooth 4.1. Whether you’re commuting, unwinding at home, or doing your fitness routine, enjoy incredible audio with no strings attached. The SoundPEATS Q11 in-ear headphones immerse you in a world of stunning audio precision: from the deepest, richest bass to an incredibly balanced response. And with a range of up to 33 feet (10m) for skip-free wireless audio, set yourself free and stay on the move.

Supercharge your audio
Innovative aptX® audio technology delivers true lossless output for pure, crisp audio. Our powerful ambient noise reduction algorithms provide an optimal listening experience. The built-in MIC with quick access controls deliver hands-free convenience. Combined with 5 hours of continuous play time on a single charge, it’s your essential companion.

Ergonomics evolved
Precision crafted from premium materials, the lightweight SoundPEATS Q11 Earphone comes with deluxe interchangeable ear buds for a superb fit every time. Effortlessly keeping up with your active lifestyle indoors and out – from sport, leisure, to work – the advanced materials and leading design means it won’t break a sweat even when you do. Stay one step ahead with an effortless blend of total comfort, durability and slim ergonomics.

Made for you
The SoundPEATS Q11 Earphones adapt to your lifestyle. With intuitive controls, stay in charge of your audio. Designed for everyone to enjoy. Compatible with all iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, Windows devices and other Bluetooth-enabled devices, the wireless headset provides an uncompromisingly personal audio experience.

Specifications :
Bluetooth Version: 4.1
Effective Range: 33ft / 10m
Audio Profiles: aptX
Play Time: up to 5h
Charging Time: 1-2h
Weight: 0.65oz
Battery Type: Rechargeable Li-polymer battery

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The exterior packaging is a typical black box, with white/blue text. From the front, we’re shown a clear shot of the product, being Bluetooth they are compatible with IOS and Android phones. The backside of the box demos the functions which we’ll cover soon. You’ll also find a web address and email for support, around the sides the key numbers are found. The Q11 will last 180 hours in standby and can operate for up to 5 hours. This is more than enough for your average gym session or workout!

Inside the box, I was pleasantly surprised at what’s included with the Q11.  A Black solid, carry pouch contains all the extras.  Many ear cups (8) are bundled, to cater for different ear sizes. Some of which are designed for audio only, while the others are optimized for voice calls. A USB Cable for charging, which takes about 2 hours to achieve a full charge.


A user manual is also included. The layout, content is very detailed and first time user-friendly.



[First Look & Impressions]


This sample we have is the Black/Red Version, the design is very well executed. Finish and overall quality are perfect, with no flaws in sight. The actual usage may confuse some,  it’s a rather simple yet brilliant design.  The bar that locks around the ear is very poseable,  catering for multiple shapes and sizes.




The bars lock around the back of the ear nicely, I found them 100% comfortable, and no irritation took place. They aren’t kidding about being lightweight either.



Being a compact product, with so many features. How did sound SoundPEATS manage to keep the Q11 user-friendly? The USB port for charging, is located on the right earbud, and is covered with a rubber tab. Ensuring no sweat, or outside elements may enter. A tiny but useable LED indicator shows what mode the device is currently in at any given time, such and low battery.


The actual control unit, has 3 simple buttons and each offers multiple functions. To switch between them, is a case of single pressing or holding the said buttons. Switching volume, taking calls and other tasks is very easy to achieve


SoundPEATS Q11 Review Techicize (10)


The adjustable buckle is a stroke of genius while I didn’t find the slack cable, between ear buds to be a nuisance as such, I can picture sports related activities, where you’d want the cable neatly tightened around the back of your head, and this is achieved in seconds. Function wise, the Q11 offers everything you’ll need Th learning curve, of how to do what, is short and painless!


[Usage & Comfort]

As I product reviewer it’s my responsibility to deliver a truthful, fair and accurate analysis. I work with many product types, and for the bulk of which  I have a predetermined testing method. These methods are set to ensure one product can be directly compared to the next. However, some peripherals such as this, keyboards and mice are the exceptions. There is no industry standard benchmarks or test method. The method I devised on based on a realistic usage of such products… Simply using them

The Q11 has been used daily now, and I’m now very familiar with the product. As we don’t focus on performance alone, this period ensures durability and comfort testing too. The core idea of having some sort of additional grip isn’t groundbreaking. I’m sure we’ve all seen similar products, and I’ve used  a few myself. I always have, found them to be uncomfortable and over longer periods of time, and just not practical. The Q11 is the exception. Not only are they very comfortable to wear but they work, in a sports environment too

Performance is 100% subjective, as we all have different perceptions and expectations. I used the product with music, gaming and for many phone calls.  The overall audio was surprisingly good. An adequate amount of bass and treble is present, and volumes levels very high, That’s where the product does struggle, with a noticeable loss of quality, and a static side effect. The average user, won’t be subjected to this, however, and the reality is that nobody should listen to music at high volumes…

Final Thoughts



We would like to thank SoundPEATS for providing the review sample, and eagerly await more from them, in the near future!

SoundPEATS Q11 Headphones Review
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Sleek Visuals
Clever design
Multiple Colours available
Extra clip to tighten cable slack
Separate audio or call optimized buds
Carry pouch
Price tag!
Bottom Line
Overall Build quality is flawless, with no areas of concern. Audio performance, I found to be very good in general but fails at louder volume levels. The internal mic was very able, during our test calls the quality was more than adequate with minimal background noise. Comfort in all scenarios was perfect. The Q11 is without a doubt, a product you ought to consider!
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