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SOUL Electronics presents PRIME WIRELESS:


Stylish In-Ear Headphones with Convenient Magnetic Clip


The PRIME WIRELESS by Soul Electronics are the first earphones designed specifically for women (and men) who appreciate stylish accessories made from premium materials. The earphones feature a convenient gimmick: A handy magnetic clip that allows them to transition into a necklace, perfect for all-day wear.

The lightweight and compact PRIME WIRELESS earphones guarantee up to 6 hours of playback time. They are made of high density metal, providing a distinct weight and texture for a more premium look and feel. Despite their compact size, these in-ears boast advanced drivers engineered for the signature Soul Sound with warm, deep low bass and clear mids and highs.

Besides, PRIME WIRELESS earphones they feature a microphone for hands free calls and a remote for volume and playlist control, and include a stylish leather carrying case and interchangeable ear tips for a secured and comfortable fit. The PRIME WIRELESS earphones retail for 59,00 EUR, are available in stylish Garnett Black and Moonstone White. Further fancy colours – Emerald green and Rose Pink –  will be coming soon.



Learn more about the variety of SOUL Electronics on https://www.soulelectronics.com/.

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