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Sharkoon Rush Core Headset Review

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Sharkoon Rush Core Headset Review Today we focus on a gaming headset, from Sharkoon. Having recently examined one of their Keyboards, I have high hopes for the Rush Core. Most products with the word “core” indicate that the product, is a cutback or more basic version. That seems to be the case here, as the CORE ER1 has a slightly more enticing design. Spec wise they appear identical, however.

Pricing on this, and the neighboring products in the range are very well priced, from 15 pounds upwards, explore the range here. Much like the skiller Keyboard I recently reviewed,  there’s a sense that you’re almost getting too much for your money. In reality, that can be a bad thing, as more often that not that means…some sort of sacrifice, right?.

However, some products debunk this and can shine. Is this one of them?



The Rush CORE is a premium-quality stereo headset in black/white design that is aimed at price-conscious users with high-quality standards.
Thanks to a padded headband and soft, supra-aural ear pads, the Rush CORE offers excellent comfort, allowing comfortable use for hours on end.
The closed design of the ear cups ensures that ambient noise can be effectively reduced and that the (game) sound emerges more clearly.

The integrated microphone Rush CORE can be swiveled vertically to the desired speaking position thanks to its flexible arm. The volume control integrated into the cable also offers the ability to completely mute the microphone.
The Rush CORE connects to any standard sound source via a 3.5 mm stereo plug. The headset is suitable for games as well as other voice and multimedia applications.


[Detailed Specifications]

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Type: Stereo Headset
Design: Circumaural
Connector: Stereo Jack
Inline Controller:
Weight Without Cable: 196 g
Headphone Specifications:
Speaker Diameter: 40 mm
Impedance: 32 Ω
Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz
Sensitivity: 96 dB ± 3 dB
Max. Power: 100 mW
Volume Control: Via Inline Controller
Microphone Specifications:
Direction: Omnidirectional
Impedance: 2.2 kΩ
Frequency Response: 30 Hz – 16,000 Hz
Sensitivity: -58 dB ± 3 dB
Flexible Microphone:
Microphone Mute: Via Inline Controller

Sharkoon – RUSH CORE

Cable and Connectors:
Total Cable Length 2x 3.5 mm Stereo Jack: 240 cm
Gold-Plated Connectors:
Package Contents:
Transport Bag


Courtesy of Sharkoon, read more


The exterior packaging is a typical black box, with white text. From the front, we’re shown a clear shot of the product, and its key features are listed. More details and technical specs are found on the backside. The box edges are reserved for close up shots of the product, and its offerings. There’s nothing unusual inside, regarding packaging and such. A generic plastic insert is used to keep the product in good shape, during shipping.


Apart from the headset, Sharkoon also bundle a free carry pouch.  It’s neither a super premium addition or something cheap and flimsy. With a drawstring at the top, it’s a welcome addition for users that would make use of it.

[First Look & Impressions]

Sharkoon Rush Core (2)

The Rush Core, is made up with a mix of black and white. The white being the frame, and is accented with black sections, ear cups and headband. The white is a finished in matte effect, which is something I do prefer.


Focusing our attention now at the actual cups. The black and white theme continues, with the eye-catching circles dominating them. One side had a subtle R logo, in orange/red. While the other side has the built in swivel microphone.


The microphone, simply moves up and down, when you want to use it. The stem is poseable too, so you can position it closer to your mouth if you wished. If you imagine a clock face, it can be set at either 12 or 5 o’clock.


The headband can be expanded too, with a traditional slide to expand system


The ear cups are made up of soft pleather, and has a fair amount of padding inside. It’s always going to be user dependent. As head shapes may vary, but we found they create a firm and comfortable lock around our ears.


Sharkoon Rush Core (10)

The headband has the wording “RUSH” embossed into it and like the ear cups, is made of soft pleather too. It’s lacking in the actual padding department, however, but despite this, the Rush Cores is reasonably comfortable to wear. In terms of flex, it quite pliable and should be fine for most, if not all heads.




At this price point, I was surprised to find an inline controller with a mic on/off function. Volume is handled with a traditional roller dial. The controls are found at around 40cm aways from the actual headset.

[Usage & Comfort]

As I product reviewer it’s my responsibility to deliver a truthful, fair and accurate analysis. I work with many product types, and for the bulk of which  I have a predetermined testing method. These methods are set to ensure one product can be directly compared to the next. However some peripherals such as this, keyboards and mice are the exceptions. There is no industry standard benchmarks or test method. The method I devised on based on a realistic usage of such products… Simply using them

The Core has been used daily now to it’s safe to say I’m now familiar with the product. As we don’t focus on performance alone, this period ensures durability and comfort testing too.On day one I needed to make only a small adjustment to the sizing, with this product review, I also enlist the help of my friends, who concluded across the board that size options are more than adequate, with no one person finding them too small or large.

Comfort generally comes from the main contact points, the headband and ear cups. Any new products, can produce a nipping sensation, Due to the way they are packed during shipping. Some products ease up quickly, and other just don’t. The Rush Core does NOT suffer from this flaw, and they wrapped nicely after a few hours.

Performance, as I stated is subjective, as we all have different perceptions and expectations. I used the product on both PC and console, with music and gaming.  The overall audio was surprisingly good. An adequate amount of bass is pumped out and volumes levels high,  which are balanced well. Quality is better than you might expect, but audiophiles should be looking elsewhere. With the price tag in mind, I shouldn’t complain, but it’s worth mentioning. As you might have assumed,   microphone quality is a bit basic. More than enough for Skype and such. Just don’t kid yourself into thinking you’ll be able to use the product for recording anything else, like voice overs for youtube videos.


We would like to thank Sharkoon for providing the review sample, and eagerly await more from them, in the near future!



Sharkoon Rush Core Headset Review
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Sleek Visuals
Carry pouch
Price tag!
Mic Quality
Bottom Line
Overall Build quality is decent, with no areas of concern. The appearance is great, black and white, is a neutral approach and should appeal to almost everyone. For 15 pounds or so, this product should be high on your to consider list! We feel the Rush Core, is well deserving of our value award.
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