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Sandberg Gamer Desk Pad XXXL Review

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Sandberg Gamer Desk Pad XXXL Review. Today we examine another product from Sandberg’s new E-sports lineup. After recently reviewing the Blast mouse, what better product next, than a complimenting surface?

Pricing on the day of review, is around the 20 pounds mark for the UK (S. R. P.: $36.99), Check other regions. Which puts the product roughly in line with others like it. The obvious question needs an answer….is it any good?


Features and Specs

The large surface of this mousepad for gamers provides a premium in-game precision. The mousepad will stay in place during action, thanks to the anti-slip material on the bottom side of the pad.

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A Closer Look


The surface arrives a sleek black box with blue accented text. Sporting a lighting design, similar to the Blast mouse. With a clear window on the front side, the details around the backside. Given the nature of the product, there’s not much to be found. A 5 Year warranty is offered



Being rolled up during transit, you ought to expect some lumps and bumps. These flatten down over time, so fear not. In the lower left corners, you’ll find the Sandberg E-sports logo, in blue and white.

The backside of the surface features an anti-slip design. We put this to test, and found it to offer excellent grip. The Edging strip of stitching is raised above the actual surface, and you might think that going to be a problem. Due to the premium and rounded stitching that’s not the case at all.


For a reference of XXXL’s real size, and give you some sort of perspective, the image shows Sandberg’s Blast mouse and Thunderstorm keyboard. We feel it’s just right in size.

Usage and Wrap Up

I will state here, what I do in every review of this nature. Speakers, headsets, mice and keyboards all fall into a grey area for reviewing. What I aim to provide is a fair and accurate overview and test of the product. The reality is, that no benchmarking method or repeatable test exists and what I provide is nothing more than my experience with the product. Comfort and feel are all I can really comment on, and this thing oozes both!

My current surface is about 12 months old now, and it’s lasted well considering the amount of usage it’s had. However, Unlike the Sandberg version, it has no edging strip, and it’s now due to be replaced, as the top is peeling away.  Here on the XXXL Glide is fantastic on multiple mice we tested. Now, After a month of robust and heavy use, The XXXL looks and feels like it just came out the box. A very promising sign of quality used, and that it will last a long time too. The product is well worth considering for gamers and desktop users alike.


We would like to thank Sandberg for sending out the product, for us to review. As always, we look forward to more from them, in the future!


Editors Note: This article has been updated since it was originally published, and award changed to Gold from Silver. This is due to an error when researching price, the product is significantly cheaper than we thought!


Sandberg Gamer Desk Pad XXXL Review
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Quality Product
Very comfortable
Edge Strip avoids fraying
Bottom Line
The Gamer Desk Pad XXXL is a great product, and like the matching products in the new range, shows promise of future products from Sandberg. Quality and finish are magnificent, the edging strip is a massive plus, ensuring the product will last longer than those, without one. Pricing is very competitive and can be found for as little as 16 pounds at stuff.co.uk 
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