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Sandberg Derecho Headset Review

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Sandberg Derecho Headset Review. Following up on our tour of Sandberg’s latest e-sports product range, today we focus on the Derecho headset. Right off the bat I must inform you this a USB only product. Suitable for PC only, with no 3.5mm support. Visuals on the Derecho are enticing and under the hood is a very capable piece of kit too. Feature wise, latching on to the current surge of RGB the headset has an inbuilt LED effect for those that want it.

Pricing on the day of review is around the 40 pounds mark, check other regions The Derecho has the looks, features, and hardware inside…but is it any good?


Sandberg Derecho Headset is a solidly constructed headset that will sonically bowl you completely over with its virtual 7.1 surround sound. Also, you will get a stylish, flexible microphone so that you can talk to friends and enemies during your battles. No boring downtime spent on slow installations – the headset is connected with USB, and you will be up and running as soon as the headset is connected. Illuminated ear cups complete the sublime gaming experience!

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  • Cable: 2.2 meters nylon braided
  • Connector: USB A Male
  • Multi-color LED lights
  • Earphone:
  • Driver unit: 40 mm
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Microphone:
  • Type: 6mm die. electret condenser microphone
  • Direction: Omni-directional
  • Frequency Response: 30 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Impedance: 2.2 k Ohm
  • Sensitivity: -46 dB ± 3dB


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The exterior packaging is made up with a card sleeve, over a solid plastic box. The sleeve slides over, and you can remove the product with ease. From the front side, we’re able to see the bulk of the product in all its glory; main features are clearly listed and around the back, these are echoed in multiple languages.


Inside the box, the headset is further contained inside padding. Apart from the headset Sandberg bundle an application on a disc.

Sandberg Derecho Headset (4)

[First Look & Impressions]

Sandberg Derecho Headset (11)

From this angle, it would appear to be just another traditional headset, and that what’s interesting about it. The slanted and abstract style gives the product some real eye candy.


Sandberg Derecho Headset (6)

Adjustment is automatic due to the expanding headband, rather than a poseable and adjustable frame. There is minimal padding inside the actual band itself.


Sandberg Derecho Headset (8)

Nothing on the right side of the product for control. Just Sandberg’s branding, overall a sleek and enticing design. The ear cups are silky smooth and have a very generous amount of padding inside.


Sandberg Derecho Headset (7)


On the left cup we find the 3 main controls for the product. The lighting is enabled or disabled with a toggle switch, volume control with a dial, and the vibration effect, again with a simple toggle.

.Sandberg Derecho Headset (13)


A retractable mic is also found on the left side, it locks away with ease.

Sandberg Derecho Headset (10)


The cable is 2m in length, and is braided with a chunky covering.


[Usage & Comfort]

As I product reviewer it’s my responsibility to deliver a truthful, fair and accurate analysis. I work with many product types, and for the bulk of which  I have a predetermined testing method. These methods are set to ensure one product can be directly compared to the next. However, some peripherals such as this, keyboards and mice are the exceptions. There is no industry standard benchmarks or test method. The method I devised on based on a realistic usage of such products… Simply using them

The derecho has been used daily, and I’m now very familiar with the product. As we don’t focus on performance alone, this time period ensures a fair test of durability and comfort. We’ll start by talking about comfort first, its equal regarding importance. I’ll be honest I haven’t had much with headbands. I generally prefer a headset that allows me to manually expand and set them. The elastic bands on most products just don’t work for me, some are too tight and others to slack, meaning over time they lose their grip.

The band on the derecho doesn’t have anything substantial, in the internal padding department. Despite this it was extremely willing to mold around all heads of our test subjects, and balances perfectly between gripping and not causing any irritations.  The pin hole design tackles the heat issue associated with such a design. The ear cups likewise conform, flawlessly offering a firm grip around our ears, without causing any uncomfortable nipping effect. In short the derecho is a very, very comfortable headset

Performance is 100% subjective, as we all have different perceptions and expectations. I used the product for music and gaming and it excelled in both tests. Music was a joy with clear, crisp and powerful audio. The Bass is really something else, and the vibration effect is mesmerizing. All too often the bass can drown out and ruin any headset, thankfully the Derecho does not suffer such a flaw. Gaming was equally as impressive, it’s something you’ll have to experience, to really relate. Being able to hear all the small but subtle extra noises in say a FPS is just brilliant

Microphone quality is an area I often have an issue with. The quality here is actually splendid, nice and clear with minimal distortion. Across all of our sound recording, and test calls we found no issues to report.

We would like to thank Sandberg for providing the review sample, and eagerly await more from them, in the near future!

Sandberg Derecho Headset Review
Reader Rating1 Vote10
Sleek  and unique visuals
High-Quality sound Fantastic and balanced Bass
LED Effect (with on/off)
7.1 effect is immense!
Retractable Microphone
Bottom Line
The Derecho, like all the new Sports products from Sandberg, has impressed us greatly. They have a winning recipe and I urge you to keep a close eye on the brand. The price point of around 40 pounds, Renders the product exceptional value for your hard earned money.  After many headset reviews over the last few years, the derecho sits near the top as my all-time favorite. My only single suggestion would be to offer more color options such as white, red and blue.
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