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Spire X2 KONDOR / X2-HS7007-USB Headset Review

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Spire X2 KONDOR / X2-HS7007-USB Headset Review. We recently examined the HADRA mouse, also from X2 and we were very impressed with the price to performance balance, is the KONDOR as good?




[X2 KONDOR / X2-HS7007-USB Features]

The KONDOR is one of the new Shinsengumi inspired gaming headsets with high-quality speakers and microphone. The KONDOR gaming headset is designed with comfort, functionality and gaming enjoyment in mind. The headset is connected by a single USB connector , only for LED light and 3.5mm aux jacks. Also featured is a microphone that folds into a slot on the side of the ear cup. The ear cup itself covers your entire ear, closing off any outside interference that can cause distractions. Enjoy amazing audio and hear your opponent before you see him. Dominate the game with this sophisticated gaming headset. X2 – All geared up!


Brief Specs

  • Revolutionary sound quality
  • Cool color scheme, Logo with LED light
  • Over ear cups, passive noise cancellation
  • Lightweight, durable and comfortable
  • Foldable microphone
  • In line volume and microphone controller
  • Transparent cables, 180cm
  • Connector type: 3.5mm, USB is for LED light only
  • Freqency Response: 50-16000Hz
  • Sensitivity: -42DB±3DB
  • Impedance:≦2.2KOH
  • Supported with 2 years warranty service
Detailed specs
MSRP (Euro, in VAT)€ 29.95
MSRP (Dollar, in VAT)$ 32.95
Master Carton10
Master Carton Dimension (cm)40 x 26 x 45
Package Weight400g
Package Dimension (cm)10 x 13 x 11
Quantity (PCS) / Block Pallet1000
Release Date05 / 18 / 2017
Unit Weight331g
Unit Dimension (cm)9.3 x 12.6 x 10
AdjustmentHeadband adjustable
  • PC or console gamer headset
  • Over ear cup (closed) cushions
  • Ergonomic design:
    Comfortable for long hours use
    High sensitivity microphone, filters the surrounding environment noise and effective match during gaming communication
  • 1.8 meter long transperant USB and audio cables
Cable Length180CM
Connector Cable TypePVC transparent cables
Connectors3.5mm, USB( for LED light only)
FeaturesSpeakers part:

  • Steel Earmuff: PU, With X2 Logo
  • Freqency response: 50-16000HZ
  • Impedance: 32Ω +/-10%

Microphone part:

  • Sensitivity:-42DB±3DB
  • Impedance:≦2.2KOH
  • Cable:5.0 PVC + braided transparent wires
  • Connector type: 3.5mm + USB( for LED light only)
InterfaceAux + USB
Life Expectancy200.000
Nominal Power12V DC
Operating Temperature (°C)0 ~ 40
PackagingRetail box
Packaging TypeBox+Sleeve
RemarkProduct size: 10x10cm
Safety ApprovalsCE/WEEE/RoHS
SupportsPC & Console
Warranty2 years

Courtesy of X2

Packaging & Accessories

The packaging really doesn’t matter to the bulk of consumers, but we also take it into consideration. Its primary purpose is to keep the product in pristine condition, and it did. The styling matches that of the X2 Hadra mouse we reviewed, and we appreciate the simple no nonsense design.

No extras included, and we wouldn’t expect anything with such a low MSRP

The USB connection draws power to illuminate the headset, and is therefore an optional part of the product.

Microphone and volume control are positined on the left cup. The mixture of a high gloss white frame and black messhed metal, around drivers look fantasitc. Those who like total control and positition of their microphone are out of luck here,  as this one only slides away, and it’s made from solid plastic.

The cups are made with whats commonly referred to as “pleather” a synthetic plastic blend to emulate true leather, without the added expense. We’re happy with this, and the amount of foam inside is fair.

The headband on the other hand, is somewhat lacking. A little more would have been appreciated, for short gaming seassion you’ll hardly notice. Total cable length =1.8M


The addition of  lighting would have seemed a pointless feature some years back, but now we’ve come to expect it. Thankfully this is optional, if you don’t want it,  don’t use it. I’ve included some dim lighting, and true nighttime images to show what the subtle blue LED’s can do



Blue and white are a stunning combination, the amount of lighting is great. In pure darkness, you’ll have no issue finding your headset!

Conclusion – TL:DR

Let’s start with the obvious with an MSRP around 30 Euros/Dollars this isn’t one for the audiophiles, which is a pointless statement right? because  common sense and that X2 don’t claim it be either! The thing is, this area of the market is heavily saturated and we the consumer, have to come expect at this price, it’ll be basic. The KONDOR isn’t

Yes if you look hard enough, and put the build quality under the microscope there are telling signs its a budget product, but overall its been well designed and assembled to a good standard. The product has a look that could warrant a higher price tag. Looks aside, its how it sounds that matters most…

Sound quality is subjective, and this kind of product can be difficult to test, and our findings difficult to put into words. In short its above average, and not much more. Testing is handled with a logical approach; we use the product the same way you would. We hook it up to a smartphone, we play music from our PC, and of course, we game.

Aimed at gamers, that’s where tested the KONDOR  the longest. Above average is the best way to describe the headset, it doesn’t have any obvious issues with lack of bass, treble and overall quality. Gaming with the KONDOR was a nice experience. We’ve played around with headpbones with tiny prices tags,right up to hundreds, this contended with products in the 50+ range.

The weak link in the chain, as with almost every budger friendly headset, is the microphone. It’s just fine for skyping and such, but we found the recording quality to be hollow. Those with experience can remedy this in post for Youtube recordings etc, but for live streaming it’s not great.

Thanks to X2 Gaming for sending out the sample for this review.

Spire X2 KONDOR / X2-HS7007-USB Headset Review
Final Words
Spire/X2 are on a roll with their latest series of gaming products. The KONDOR not only looks amazing, but the balance of price and sound quality is exceptional.
Sleek Design
Eye Catching Colour Combo
Optional Lighting
Enticing Price Tag
Weak Microphone
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