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REEVEN OKEANOS CPU Cooler Review. Today we examine a CPU cooler from a brand you’ve not likely heard much about. Until very recently I had not heard of them either. A quick glance over the website and a look at the about us section and we find this quote, which sums up who they are.

“REEVEN is a newly established international manufacturer of PC related products. REEVEN’s product lines includes the best quality of advanced CPU coolers, Cooling Fans,PC Cases and many other items. the target of our products will be  a wide range of audience under our philosopohy “Professional Quality Gears”, for products that will withstand the highest demand.”

The OKEANOS is the flagship product, a dual tower cooler with twin fans. Spec wise it looks  like a real contender. Pricing on the day of review is about the $75-80 mark, or 60. Making the OKEANOS extremely well priced compared to similar products. Sadly at the writing there are no UK retailers carrying the product, I’d estimate with tax and such we would be look at the £50 mark.
It’s time to tackle the all-important question, is it any good?
Let’s find out…

REEVEN OKEANOS- Specification & Features


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OKEANOS , the flagship of Reeven CPU cooler, represents extreme performance. This high-end model is designed with two fans and heatsinks, 6 high-quality heatpipes and fine-polished copper base, OKEANOS is definitely the best choice for overclocking and gamers.

Model Number RC-1402
Socket INTEL: LGA 115x / 1366 / 2011
AMD: AM2(+) / AM3(+) / FM1 / FM2(+)
Overall Dimension (W)140 x (H)163 x (D)135mm
Fan Dimension 14cm: 140 x 140 x 25mm
12cm: 120 x 120 x 25mm
Heatpipe Ø6mmx4 + Ø8mmx2
Fan Speed 14cm: 300~1700(*300~1100)RPM
12cm: 300~1800(*300~1200)RPM
Air Flow 14cm: 16.3~92.4(*16.3~59.8)CFM
12cm: 16.6~92.5(*16.6~63.8)CFM
Static Pressure 14cm: 0.002~0.091(*0.002~0.034)inch H2O
12cm: 0.003~0.098(*0.003~0.042)inch H2O
Noise Level 14cm: 5.8~36.4(*5.8~21.3)dBA
12cm: 4.0~33.4(*4.0~23.6)dBA
Weight(with Fan) 1145g


Courtesy of REEVEN for more information please visit the Product page



Closer Look

The box style REEVEN present the product in is really intriguing. The background is a subtle black and blue marble-like texture, so the images and text around seem to pop out. Relevant and short information is scattered around the product edges, with one side dedicated to emphasizing the product height and width (140Wx 163H)

Inside I appreciate the packaging method, With 3 card boxes wrapping around the cooler. The 120mm and 140mm fans are located in the left and right boxes.

In the centre box we find the mounting hardware, fan clips and noise adaptors. The mounting system consists of a backplate, spacers, brackets, wrench and a small amount of thermal paste.

When you’ve seen as many coolers as I do, they all start to blur into similar looking products. The OKEANOS is visually similar to a few other product’s I’ve worked with I suppose, to fair if it was a spiral shape, I’d be worried… What I really appreciate is the two top plates, they really finish the product off with a clean and crisp feel, with an almost industrial like appearance. Quality is apparent with this product, no corner cutting or cost reducing traits in sight. The product stands at (W)140 x (H)163 x (D)135mm meaning it’s one of the shortest we’ve seen in this specific category, which will be a real benefit for case compatibility.

Flipping the heatsink over, and looking at the heatpipe configuration. We a total of 8, with four per side in a symmetrical configuration. The base is finished in a mirror like finish

The two fans are going to be something you like the look of not, a common issue with such products. While I don’t mind the black and yellow combination. I know some consumers won’t give this product a second thought, hopefully REEVEN has something planned for a more neutral colour system for future models.

Installation Guide

The mounting method is fairly standard for the OKEANOS

Four bolts are passed through the backplate, for our 1150 system we used the middle holes. Then rubbers washers sit over them between the backplate and motherboard.

Being such a large product you may want to fit the mounting frame in either a vertical or horizontal manner to avoid clashes with components.  The only Issue I have with this portion is the usage of nuts, that require the wrench to be used. You’ll find using the wrench for  most of the nuts is OK, the top left one in particular was a real pain to tighten though.

To secure the main heatsink down, you must lay the mounting bar across the heatsink base, thankfully it has indents and a locking like effect. Unlike some of the “See-Saw” like plates I’ve seen in the past.  I would strongly advise you source a long screwdriver to fit the two bolts. Otherwise you’ll need to use the wrench, and on a board like this that would a real burden, taking a very long time to fasten.

Clearance and observations

Ram compatibility is decent but certainly not the best I’ve seen, initially it looked just fine, once you take a closer look  you’ll see that some of the fins are squashed, sitting right on top of the RAM in DIMM 1.
Our test modules have aftermarket cooling plates, so  most other RAM ought to be OK. Those of you that do not use all four DIMM slots have nothing to worry about, as the first 120mm fan can be raised or lowered to accommodate basically any height!
Before we even look at the performance, REEVEN do offer additional clips, so a third fan is an option too

Test Setup & Results

Proudly Powered by our Dimastech Mini V1.0 Test Bench


Intel® i5 4670K

Memory: Kingston HyperX Beast 2400Mhz 8GB
Motherboard: MSI Z97 GAMING 7
Video Card:  MSI Radeon 270X Gaming
PSU: CoolerMaster  v750
Hard Drives:

SSD – Kingston HyperX 3k 240GB

M.2 -Kingston M.2

OS: Windows 8.1  64-Bit

We would like to thank or sponsors for their support with our test system, Kingston,Dismatech,Cooler Master,Noctua and MSI


CPU coolers and test method is an area that causes much confusion and debate. We should point out that many sites test in different ways, but the majority share the same core idea that a simple math equation should be used. So that a consistent value can be recorded and re-used against other products
This simple equation of [recorded result] [minus] [ambient room temperature] = Delta
This test method simply means no matter how warm or cool the testing room is, the data is comparable. There will always be a degree of error in such testing.  There are so many variables such airflow, testing location and such. So we perform all our testing on the same hardware and in the same location.

  • Our procedure is to fit the cooler and allow a 24 hour period before any testing, allowing the thermal paste to settle. The system is booted and allowed to sit idle for 15 minutes. We take our first recording. Then using a selection of software forcing the CPU to run at 100% load. We then take our load temperatures.
  • This process is repeated 3 times and the results are converted to an average.
  • We provide delta temperature [Load temperatures minus ambient room temperature].
  • This allows us to provide consistent results no matter the room temperature.

Many factors can skew results and to ensure accuracy we repeat all of the above three further times. Including refitting the cooler, this compensates for factors such as burn in time, amount of thermal paste and such.

*Software Used*

To keep things neat and easier to read, we no longer provide idle or ambient numbers, but only load delta results.
Reeven okeanos Stock

I must point out that we do not manipulate and force the fan to run at 100%, it is something we had considered in the past and if we had done, most of the products in the chart would appear to have better results.
However what we present is a fair representation of how a product will perform out of the box. With this in mind what we tend to find, in our stock testing is that the fan does not always hit 100%.

Rival products in terms of size, design and amount of fans would be the Noctua D14, D15 and the Cryorig R1. To see the REEVEN OKEANOS bettering them all was a real surprise! Noise from both fans was very acceptable at just 34db.A fantastic start for the cooler

Reeven okeanos overclocked
Our test CPU is ran at default auto clocks and voltage for stock testing. For overclocking it’s not the best around and requires 1.375 volts to operate at 4.6 GHz. All results shown are at these settings unless otherwise stated*
The test that matters more for Overclockers… we applied a heavy overclock, which requires lots of vcore. The OKEANOS ranked as the best we’ve ever seen, bettering the likes of the D15 by 3c.
Was there a sacrifice with acoustics though? Well yes and no, because it was louder than the Noctua products but quieter than the R1 and Silver Arrow. At it’s loudest we recorded 41db. The thing is though, you can cap or limit the fans, and doing so will only lose a 1-2c in performance, while dropping the noise considerably.

Reeven okeanos Noise

If you want something automated and don’t feel like playing around the bios or installing software, the bundled noise adaptors offer exactly what I said above, they do however reduce the overall performance.



Conclusion Tl”DR

Well that was a surprise right? I always come into any review with balanced and fair outlook, it’s not often that something comes in for review though, from a company I’ve never even heard of. It was more troubling when I looked into availability and found there to be so little. The truth being , that this tends to be linked with products that are flawed, or generally just not that good. How wrong was I to assume that…?
The lower price compared to its nearest rivals, could be another cause for concern and can be off-putting for some, often an indication that it will lack somewhere. From my experience of opening the box, right through until now, I didn’t find any such issue. The product quality and finish is superb, right up there with the best. The mounting system is mostly an easy experience, but working with that wrench is annoying, as I said earlier, mounting the actual heatsink down requires a long screwdriver, so make sure you have one! Thermal performance blew me away and while there was a trade-off with noise, it was nothing major. On top of that, you can with the bundled adaptor tame the fans if you wished.

Perfect then? Sadly not, as the OKEANOS does have some small niggles that you have to understand before rushing out to buy one. Compatibility and clearance does need some minor tweaking, however this won’t affect everyone. But only those with anything above “standard” size ram, or specifically if you want to use all four DIMM slots, which could be even more relevant in say a X99 setup. If REEVEN could amend the first few fin stacks and raise it just a few millimetres more, or like other brands have, cut into them and open it up a little more. This product would be walking away with Platinum, which is an award I’ve only given out to a single product to date. As is then, with this small issue, based on everything we’ve seen and taking pricing into account. I’m awarded both Value and Performance.

I’m sure over time, availability will improve as right now it’s very restricted and that’s a real shame. It’s a fantastic product and I hope more retailers begin to sell them soon!


REEVEN OKEANOS CPU Cooler Review. Today we examine a CPU cooler from a brand you've not likely heard much about. Until very recently I had not heard of them either. A quick glance over the website and a look at the about us section and we find this quote, which sums up who they are. "REEVEN is a newly established international manufacturer of PC related products. REEVEN’s product lines includes the best quality of advanced CPU coolers, Cooling Fans,PC Cases and many other items. the target of our products will be  a wide range of audience under our philosopohy “Professional Quality Gears”, for products that will…


Price - 10
Performance - 9.5
Design - 9
User Rating: Be the first one !
We would like to thank REEVEN  for sending the sample out for review. We look forward to seeing more from them, in the near future.


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