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Raijintek Styx Micro ATX Case Review

Raijintek Styx Micro ATX Case Review. Today we explore a familiar product, the STYX is an enlarged and improved version of the Raijintek Metis, that we reviewed earlier in 2015. The case had much to offer but did have some issues with space and restrictions. Here on the STYX, not only have Raijintek increased the size, but they’ve also managed to add new features too. The new model is able to accommodate a Micro ATX board and even a 240mm watercooler.
Pricing on the day of review is £65 for the windowed version, and £62 for the standard (classic), the entire range is available from Overclockers UK. We have the black version today, but Raijintek do provide the Styx in Red, Blue, Green, Gold and Silver. (with or without side panel windows)
I personally adored the original METIS, and I’m keen to see what’s new and improved here, on the STYX!

[Features & Specifications]

STYX, RAIJINTEK’s new aluminum Micro ATX case in 2015, has a remarkable elegant appearance design and high compatibility with your PC system. STYX is compatible with regular/ standard ATX Power supply, max. 280mm VGA card, 180mm height CPU cooler.
Moreover, STYX offers a drive bay for Slim DVD on side. Entirely black coated inside, aluminum color hair-silk anodized appearance, STYX satisfies not only your request of looking for elegant taste, but simultaneously satisfies the joy of installing a performing case.

Aluminium colour hair-silk anodized appearance design
– Internal coated black throughout
– Compatible with ATX POWER SUPPLY
– Compatible with max. 280mm VGA card
– Supports up to max. 180mm height CPU cooler
– 2* USB3.0 ports
– Anti-vibration rubber for HDD installation
– Supports 3* 3.5″HDD +2*2.5“HDD/ 1* 3.5″HDD +4*2.5″HDD
120 mm performance fan pre-installed at rear
– Option to install 240mm radiator on the top/side and 120mm fan at bottom
– Large zone of ventilated holes for airflow on side panel


  • – Colour: Hair-silk anodized
    – internal color: Matt Black
    – Dimension (D/W/H): 360mm*210mm*335mm
    – Weight (N.W.): 3.8kg
    – Weight (G.W.): 5.2kg
    – Material: Alu. 1.5mm (external), SPCC 0.5mm (Internal)
    – M/B Type: MICRO ATX/Mini ITX
    – Power Supply: PS-2
    – Power Supply Integration: ATX PSU; Vertically at bottom
    – 5.25″ Drive Bays: Slim DVD*1- I/O Panel: USB3.0 * 2; HD Audio x 1
    – PCI Slot: 5
    – Side Panel Style: Transparent Window


  • Front Cooling Fan: n/a
  • Rear Cooling Fan: 120mm*1 (pre-installed) ,
  • Left Side Cooling Fan: 120MM (2x) or 240mm radiator
  • Top Cooling Fan: 120MM (2x) or 240mm radiator
  • Bottom Cooling Fan: 120mm (1x) (option)

Courtesy of Raijintek  read more HERE

[Packaging and Accessories]

Packaging for the STYX was nothing unusual, Raijintek ship the product in the typical brown box. From which we’re shown the key features and a brief view of all the sides. Notice a number of colour choices too!

The bundle is fair, consisting of a fold out user manual and pack of screws. Which has many sizes and types for PSU, Optical drives and such. My only suggestion would be to individually bag and label them, if possible. Something that many company have begun to do, and I for one appreciate this!

[Closer Look]

I’ve included my video unboxing, product tour and system build for those who would rather watch a video. If not keep scrolling

As always, we will start our tour at the front of the case, and work our way around it.
From the front, the STYX is an exact mirror of the original METIS. Nothing  here except a single power button and discrete Raijintek logo. The panel is accented well against the rest of the frame with a silver edging strip, this works extremely well.
The unit is obviously bigger now standing at  (WxDxH): 210 x 360 x 335 (mm) Compared to the Original METIS dimensions of  [WxDxH] 190 x 277 x 254 (mm). The STYX is only 20mm wider but considerably deeper and taller. That extra width is welcome and as you’ll see, helps fix a problem that the METIS had, which was lacking  room behind the motherboard tray for cabling.
The extra width now allows the STYX to take CPU coolers up to 180mm tall, opposed to the limit in the METIS of 160mm


Spinning the case over now, to examine the underside and it’s a very simple design. 4 rubber feet raise up about 20mm’s and secure the case, adding grip and helping to eliminate any vibrations. Last time, you were required to remove two of the feet to install the PSU, that’s not longer needed.
Raijintek has also reconfigured the floor and removed the dual 2.5″ slots, in favour of just one mount (2.5″ or 3.5″ compatible). This grants room for a single 120mm intake now. A welcome move to keep the inside cooler!



Further changes are found in the roof, what was a clean panel on the METIS, now is a 240mm mount with removable filter. maintenance is quick and effective, as it removed with two simple tabs. Underneath we have mounts for 2x120mm, fans or the option to install  an AIO/radiators is doable. More on that soon…
No change to the I/O, on the STYX we have dual USB 3.0 ports, audio and mic jacks.


Small but significant changes around the rear of the SYTX. The extra space, allowed Raijintek to add watercooling grommets and ventilation too. The PSU pass through port has been relocated from the left, to the right side, and replaces the original 3.5″ drive caddy in the roof.
Nothing else of significance to mention about the rear. A single  120mm fan, and 5 meshed PCI covers, with a locking bracket on top


At first glance, it would seem nothing had changed, except the STYX is much larger of course. Raijintek has rather cleverly added a discrete slim optical bay slot, between the front panel and PSU mount. It’s very low-key, so if you have no need for it, then it won’t be a problem, as it takes nothing away in terms of space inside

After removing the panel, we are greeted with a new addition. The horizontal plate now handle the storage drives, in the METIS we had only room for drives in the floor. The panel has a dual purpose, either to take hard drivers, or 2x 120mm fans. That does indeed mean you could install a radiator (AIO) but I’m sceptical about that, as the side panel has no ventilation for air in/out

Raijintek has also tweaked the motherboard tray with cable routing options, and it’s really appreciated!

Around the opposite side, Raijintek has tweaked the panel. On the METIS we had a small ventilation section, now it’s a clean panel

A reconfigured rear  panel, which Raijintek have managed to add 2x SSD mounts.  I measure about 10-11m of space for hiding cables too, not brilliant but better.

[The Build]

The experience here was so much better than in the METIS, the amount of space was delightful. PSU support is much, much better now with tons of room for the actual PSU and the cabling. I must state that due to complicated reasons, this was the only PSU I had to spare on the day of review. It has custom home-made cabling, and cable combs.
Please watch the video to see more about GPU clearance, however in short, there are no longer any conflicts between cards and the PSU. The max limit for length is 280mm 
I’ve left out the GPU to demonstrate the space for the AIO cooler, push-pull is 100% doable. With a GPU installed its push or pull however.
A beautiful looking Micro-ATX case, with a Skylake motherboard, 390X and a 240mm AIO cooler…yes the STYX can handle that, and it can do very well!

[Final Thoughts]

Early this year when I worked with the METIS, I instantly feel in love with the product. I can’t put my finger on what it was, that grabbed my attention. Needless to say,  I  was fond of the product, and I actually had a talk with Raijintek way back, asking if we would see a larger version. They cryptically told me to watch and see.. it slipped to the back of my mind until just a few days ago, when the STYX arrived at my door!

I was really excited to see what the company had done, would they simply carbon copy the original, and enlarge it? Or take the opportunity to tweak and improve it further? Thankfully Raijintek chose the latter but…I can’t help but feel slightly annoyed. I won’t digress I have one single issue with the STYX, and it stems from the METIS. The CPU cutout window is too small or in the wrong place, either way it just doesn’t work. In Raijintek’s defence we’re working with a limited amount of space and I can why they opted to add extra storage slots first, rather than give us that bigger window for enhanced compatibility.

With that said, it’s all good news going forward. The Case is a fine choice for anyone working with the Micro-ATX platform. The amount of colour options should suit most, if not all consumers, personally I would love to see white version(none brushed, please?) because I do like my white products! Speaking of the finish, the original METIS was prone to scratching, that doesn’t seem to be as much of any issue this time around. Be careful with it though, it’s the nature of the sheet metal and this finish to scratch, and not a flaw with the case itself. The material used is much thicker than I anticipated too, but this doesn’t have a negative impact on weight. So it’s very much still a LAN/Portable case if you wished.

I’m genuinely impressed with the internal changes that Raijintek have made, while keeping the perfect exterior intact. Even sneaking a slim line optical bay in their, without any comprise for the PSU, which with the added space inside, is no longer a burden (compared to the metis) I still recommend a good modular PSU but we now actually have room behind the motherboard for spare cabling, so routing and building a clean system is very easy.
The inclusion of the simple mounting plate, for storage drives is genius, and frees up space in the roof for the 2x120mm option. Granted our system wasn’t perfect, the truth is..it works and if you make use of the floor and rear fans spots, to intake air. It should perform well too, I said in the video that I wished they’d included some ventilation like we saw on the METIS (rear side panel) upon reflection, I’m glad the didn’t. That wold ruin the clean looks

Everything has been improved here on the SYTX, support for taller CPU coolers, more storage. It’s a fantastic product and that makes me very excited for what I hope is coming soon….ATX version please Raijintek? ( in white too!)

Based on everything we’ve seen, it has to be GOLD

Raijintek Styx Micro ATX Case Review. Today we explore a familiar product, the STYX is an enlarged and improved version of the Raijintek Metis, that we reviewed earlier in 2015. The case had much to offer but did have some issues with space and restrictions. Here on the STYX, not only have Raijintek increased the size, but they've also managed to add new features too. The new model is able to accommodate a Micro ATX board and even a 240mm watercooler. Pricing on the day of review is £65 for the windowed version, and £62 for the standard (classic), the…
We would like to thank Raijintek and OverclockersUK for providing the sample, and we look forward to seeing more from them, in the near future!

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