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Raijintek Paean Aluminium ATX Bench Table Showcase – Review

Raijintek Paean Aluminium ATX Bench Table Showcase – Review. Today we examine a new and exciting product from the rapidly growing brand Raijintek. They are no stranger to us here at Techicize, and in the past, we’ve loved everything we’ve tested. The clue is in the name, as its both a test bench and a showcase product. Much like RGB, the other current trend with cases is tempered glass panels, and this has two of them! As a consumer who works with a test bench every day, I must confess I was excited to receive the sample. Rather than limit and focus on a tiny niche of users, the real selling point here is its second’s option of being a showcase product.

PC builds are now a thing of beauty with the right hardware, cooling, and lighting. So why limit it all in a box that can’t be seen? The Paean may just be the perfect choice for your next stylish build. Pricing is set just under 150 pounds from OverlockersUK here in the UK. Which is extremely competitive and fair, and as we proceed you’ll see why. Overseas consumers may want to check caseking

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[Features and Specs]

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– 4.0mm Alu. reliable middle plate and 5.0mm Tempered glass
– Aluminum colour hair-silk anodized appearance design
– Compatible with ATX POWER SUPPLY
– Compatible with 310mm VGA card
– Supports up to max. 140mm height CPU cooler
– 4* USB3.0 ports
– Supports to install 3* 3.5”HDD and 3*2.5” HDD
– Anti-vibration rubber for HDD installation
– Modern design with many options for radiator systems
– Sturdy and reliable chassis body with 4mm aluminium
– Accommodate an internal 240/280 /360mm radiator
– High quality tempered glass side panels


– Colour: BLACK Hair-silk anodized
– Internal Colour: Matte Black
– Dimension chassis body (D/W/H): 586*286*417mm
– Carton Dimension: 655* 485*150 mm
– Body Weight (N.W.): 14 KG
– Body Weight (G.W.): 16.5 KG
– Material: Aluminium 4.0mm + SGCC 1.0mm
– Graphic Card Support: Yes
– Power Supply: PS-2
– Power Supply Integration: Internal Bottom PSU (vertical), DVD Device, Slim DVD *1
– 3.5″ Device: 3
– 2.5″ Device (option/removable): 3
– I/O Panel: USB3.0 *4
– Hot Swappable: n/a
– PCI Slot: 8
– PCI Slot Tool-free: Yes
– ODD & HDD Tool-free: Yes
– Graphic Card Length: 310mm
– Side Panel Style: 5.0mm Tempered Glass
– Cable Management: Regular
– Front Cooling Fan: 120mm*2G120mm*3 ; 140mm*2 fan or 240/280/360mm radiator

Courtesy of Raijintek, See more detail

Packaging and Bundle

The first thing to mention is the weight; it is seriously heavy coming in at 16.5KG. Much of that is because of the two tempered glass panels naturally. With that in mind, have Raijintek taken enough precautions with the packing? From the outside, we’re showing a glimpse of what to expect inside.

After removing the shipping tape, we took our first glimpse inside. Under the first layer of Styrofoam, we’re greeted with the supports, cabling and such. Each is neatly locked down into place and will not move during the shipping process.

With that section removed, we moved down the next layer and found the main panel for mounting your hardware. Finally, on the bottom layer of styrofoam, we find the two panels, with ample protection between each.

The bundle included is one of the most robust I’ve seen with a product of this nature. Raijintek offers the following.

  • Screw L6 × 9 -Motherboard
  • Screw #6-32 L5 × 22
  • M3 L9 × 12 -2.5″HDD
  • Screw L9 × 12 -3.5″HDD
  • Stand-off × 9 – Motherboard
  • Screw M3 L10 × 2 -Fasten I/O module
  • Screw M8 L16 × 8 -Side Panel
  • Cable Tie × 5
  • PSU Rubber × 4 -PSU Anti-vibration
  • Allen Key × 1 -Install side panel
  • Installation Guide × 1

Raijintek Paean Aluminium ATX Bench Table Showcase - Review
The I/O module is a very interesting addition to the product, much slicker and pleasing than the traditional vandal switches found on other similar products.


Product Tour + Assembly

Typically we would look at the product exterior, and then take a closer look inside. That’s not possible today… instead, we’ll show you how the product is assembled, and share our thoughts as we proceed. If you would prefer to see a brief overview in video format, then feel free to watch the following from the Official Raijintek Youtube Channel or take a look at the installation manual 

Step one, is to take the 8 support brackets. 4 of which are longer than the others. This is critical, and I’ll be honest I overlooked the difference when I built the product for the first time. The Hair-silk anodized plate is 4mm thick and is the finish is stunning. I do hope down the line more colors are launched! White please…


The process is very simple, just hold one bracket on the motherboard side, take the smaller bracket and screw it together from the opposite side. Repeat the process till complete. The handles/brackets are covered with a firm rubber, which offers decent grip.

With the mounts in place, we can now see what the product has to offer, in both a horizontal or vertical layout. While we intend to use horizontal, it’s really down to each user, as each works very well.


The next step is to fit the PCI bracket and PSU mounts. Each is locked down with thumbscrews, so no tools needed here.


The 7 slot bracket is very firm once secured, and likewise fitting the PSU backplate on the reverse takes but seconds to install.



To aid with the weight of some PSU’s, Raijintek has added in a simple slide through the bracket. While it’s suggested that you add the PSU first, either with work. Be sure to apply the four anti-vibration pads, which will also avoid any scratching to the main panel during maintenance.

Storage has been handled with a ingenious bracket. Which supports a maximum of 3x 2.5″ or standard 3.5″ drives. That’s more than enough in our opinion. That said,  if you have more drives, then fear not as you can easily secure them with double velcro. Adding and removing hard drives, does not require you to remove the entire bracket either. Each drive utilize screws with washers in place, simply slide and lock the drives down. I would personally suggest you add the storage plate after the PSU, and managing your cabling.

The I/O is very interesting, not only is this visually so much nicer, than anything I’ve seen on any other test bench products, but its has options to be installed in multiple locations. We opted for the default front. You can have it on the roof or anywhere you wanted if you drill your own holes.  I appreciate Raijintek’s efforts to keep all the cabling black.

The Build

Building a system in the Paean is a joy. With so much space and no restrictions in sight. It takes very little time to achieve a clean build, and you’ll have tons of room for cabling. That said… what is positive, may prove difficult for some. If you’re using an older PSU with lots of cabling, and that not so nice fishnet braiding. You’re somewhat limited here with nowhere to hide all the spares, thankfully Raijintek has bundled some nice cable locks for free. Just peel back the adhesive and install them where you need them.

Raijintek Paean Aluminium ATX Bench Table Showcase - Review

If you are purchasing the Paean for a showcase a build, then surely you’ll be using some nice braided cables or extensions as shown. It’s also worth mentioning that the PSU bracket is universal, and does allow the user to install in a fan up or down manner.

The storage cage, proves a useful location route and hide any spare wiring you may have, and the free clips from Raijintek are great.

Raijintek Paean Aluminium ATX Bench Table Showcase - Review

While we will use the product to test components frequently, the Paean is destined to be filled with some shiny watercooling components. The radiator bracket will allow up to a 360m radiator, and has no real limit regarding thickness so you can add push/pull. Something very few cases on the market can offer. Most often the consumer has to limit their radiator choice or amount of fans.

Raijintek Paean Aluminium ATX Bench Table Showcase - Review

Not with the Paean, another cool feature is the predrilled holes for reservoirs brackets. While the main plate is thick and sturdy adding your own holes for components is doable too.

Limits & Observations.

Quick clarification the 310mm length limit for graphics cards, that’s true, only if you install a reservoir in the predrilled location. If you don’t then, you’ll actually be able to install any card on the market. The next thing to discuss is the limit of 140mm height for aftermarket CPU coolers

That’s understandable as the product is likely to be watercooled by most right? However, this also means you need to be careful with certain graphics card too. It’s a deceiving photo, but this XFX 390 from another test bench sat very close to the glass above it. That’s no problem but more something you need to be aware of. A card that comes that mind is the 3xx series of STRIX cards from ASUS that also feature a very wide cooler. They will fit but I do wish Raijintek had made the gap a little bigger.


Final Thoughts

So then it’s time to wrap up our findings and deliver a verdict. Depending on how you look at it, the product may or may not have a tiny flaw; regardless we need to zone in and discuss it before moving on. The limit of 140mm in height for CPU coolers, makes sense as it’s not likely that many users will purchase the Paean and then air cool it, but some will and it seems odd to limit that height by so much. It’s not only  CPU coolers that are limited, though, as some water blocks for graphic cards may not fit either. Becuase of the G1/4 hole placement. You need to measure your kit before purchase.

That said it won’t affect everyone and going forward I can’t praise the product enough. As a daily user of other test benches, this is beyond exciting. While my personal test bench has served me well, it’s now time to retire it and move away from the cluttered mess of wires and drives that sat on the floor. The Paean offers so much regarding component support, storage, and room for cabling. Tapping into the trend of tempered glass paneling, Raijintek has produced a product which is truly elegant and is destined for many stylish builds. The watercooling support is fantastic, for both radiators and reservoirs.

The quality of the individual components is exceptional, and I’m delighted with the package to keep everything in order during the shipping process.  Assembly is so easy, convenient too, as you can disassemble and store the product in just a few minutes. The bundle included is fantastic, and the way the hard drives install is smart. It’s no easy feat to design something practical, pleasant to work with, but also this stylish. Raijintek have achieved just that with the Paean

As in the past, today is another win for Raijintek, and I can’t wait to see what they bring to market next. The product is available now at OverclockersUK


Raijintek Paean Aluminium ATX Bench Table/Showcase - Review
Bottom Line
The Raijintek Paean Aluminium ATX Bench Table/Showcase is an amazing piece of kit to look at but also to work with. We feel its well worth the asking price!
Fantasic Visual Appearance
Heavy duty tempered glass panels
Generoud screw + bolt bundle
Multiple radiator size support
Material Finish
Multipurpouse product
Motheboard side could have been taller
Check price @ OverclockersUK ?

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