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Raijintek Metis Plus Aluminium Mini-ITX Case Review


Raijintek Metis Plus Aluminium Mini-ITX Case Review.  Today we revisit a classic case that we explored about 18 months. We loved the case as did custom system builders and modders. Theirs a ton of mods online, and the common approach most take, is too add a top blow hole. This modification allowed the GPU under to breathe cool air from the outside, and the snowball effect was better temps in general.

Now Raijintek has tinkered with the original, keeping the dimensions the same, but now with more points to breathe. In terms of pricings, it’s only a few pounds more than original, and it’s once again available in many colors such as black, red, gold, green and my favourite version white. They’ve opted to offer a single model this time with a window, though perhaps a classic (none window) model may surface in time.

UK Pricing on the day of review is £52.99 (correct at the time of writing) available from OverclockersUK


[Features and Specs]

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– Fan mesh filter for 120mm fan on the top 
– Aluminium hair-silk anodized appearance design 
– Black coated interior 
– Compatible with ATX POWER SUPPLY 
– Compatible with 170mm VGA card 
– Supports max. 160mm height CPU cooler 
– 2*USB3.0 ports 
– Anti-vibration rubber for HDD installation 
– Supports 3*2.5”HDD + 1* 3.5”HDD or 1*2.5”HDD+2* 3.5”HDD 
– 12025 O-type LED fan pre-installed at rear. 
– Option to install 12025 mm fan on the top (with mesh filter) 
– Ventilation holes for airflow at the side panel 


– Colour: Red – Hair-silk anodized 
– Internal colour: Matte Black 
– Dimension (D/W/H): 277mm*190mm*254mm 
– Weight (N.W.): 2.8kg 
– Weight (G.W.): 3.2kg 
– Material: 1.5mm aluminium (External); SPCC 0.5mm(Internal) 
– M/B Type: Mini-ITX 
– Power Supply: PS-2 (regular ATX PSU) 
– Power Supply Integration: Internal Bottom PSU 
– 5.25″ Drive Bays: n/a 
– 3.5″ Hidden: 1+1 (or 2.5*2), 2.5″ Device: 1+2 (or 3.5*1) 
– I/O Panel: USB3.0 * 2; HD Audio x 1 
– PCI Slot: 2 
– HDD anti-vibration rubber: On bottom 
– CPU Cooler Height: 160mm max. 
– Graphic Card Length: 170mm 
– Cable Management: Regular 
– Rear Cooling Fan: 12025 O-type LED fan*1 (pre-installed) 
– Top Cooling Fan: 120mm*1 (option)

Courtesy of Raijintek, See more HERE


Raijintek Metis Plus Aluminium Mini-ITX Case Review – Closer look

With no change to product dimensions, there was no need to rework the exterior shipping package either. It’s simply been updated to reflect the changes. The box is ample the interior padding is overkill, ensuring it arrives with to you, in pristine condition. We noted a small a change to the window, now with peel back adhesive to keep it scratch free.




We start our tour from the exterior. We have the blue sample for review and the tone is wonderful. The brushed finish on this model and the others catches light well and produces a very premium vibe. From the front side, there’s nothing more than a color coordinated button, which is recessed flush with the frame, and a rather discreet logo on the base. This is exactly what we loved last time, a no-nonsense simplistic design, with no silly distractions. I’m pleased Raijintek has left it as it was, those curved edges look great, right?


Moving our attention to the main side, as we mentioned earlier, the plus comes with a window as standard. In the past, Raijintek offered a window or classic panel version. The reality is, Windows are the more desirable of two,  and this is the most logical choice. Those who prefer the completely discrete look ought not to worry, as it’s small anyway. Quality is superb with each panel sits flush, creating a smooth and enticing shape.

Around the back side we find two expansions slots, with a handy clip over design. Simply squeeze the clamp to release it.  A 120mm rear blowhole has also been filled with a free fan, to aid with expelling hot air from the case.  If you’re not familiar with the case, that rear PSU cable hole maybe confusing you, more on that soon.






On the left side of the case, Raijintek has again added discreet ventilation holes, which allows hot air to escape naturally without the need for any fans, To access it, you’ll need to remove four small screws.


The top panel has had a rethink and now sports a meshed panel that supports a 120mm fan. Despite that significant change it’s been done, in such a way that it doesn’t spoil the clean and simple design.



USB 3.0 ports, and audio jacks are receded in the front of the case for ease of access.


The Metis features a unique design here with a front, vertically mounted PSU area. The case is raised above ground level with 4 oversized rubber feet., These play a vital role for cabling. The x shaped holes are used to mount drives into the floor.

Raijintek Metis Plus Aluminium Mini-ITX Case Review – The Build

Building in the Metis is a fun experience, but you will need to preplan what you install inside. The PSU is the one item that needs the most thought. If you have an older nonmodular model, with lots of spare wiring, then it’s going to prove a headache. A modular PSU is a way forward here, or even better an SFF design PSU would be best.

To be clear, you can use ANY ATX PSU but models with lots of wiring, will have an impact on your GPU choices.

Max Graphic Card Length: 170mm 



Raijintek has made the most of the space inside, and the floor mounts for  SSD’s  is great.


Regarding room to hide cables their tons for any spares, behind the motherboard tray


Raijintek Metis Plus Aluminium Mini-ITX Case Review Final Thoughts

So then it’s time to wrap up our findings and deliver a verdict. Is the METIS plus worth your hard earned cash, and the short answer is yes. The same limitation is in place as last time around, these are not flaws really, but more something you need to understand before purchase. When you install your PSU, and a GPU into the case, there’s not much room between either. Because of this, you need to either use a modular PSU or a shorter GPU, that’s all there is to it.

Regarding looks, build experience and features, I’m delighted with the METIS plus, it’s a fantastic case. The new ventilation point is a wise move, to be fair the prior model was all right, but this is just so much more logical. Newer tech runs cooler than ever, but being able to keep all other component temperature’s in check is appreciated. We’ve demoed a simple build today, but it’s worth noting with some careful planning adding water-cooling into the Metis isn’t impossible. Likewise, something I mentioned earlier, it’s both beautiful and functional out of the box, but also a blank canvas if you’re up to the task of modding it too.

Raijintek has in the past and continues to deliver exceptional products, which have their own unique designs, with fair pricing to suit. A fantastic product, that will surely please the masses.



Raijintek Metis Plus Aluminium Mini-ITX Case Review
Raijintek Metis Plus Aluminium Mini-ITX Case Review
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Superb finish
Sleek no nonesense design
New ventualtion in the roof
Amount of colour choice
A welcome update to an already excellent product. Priced at just a few pounds more than the original, rendering it brilliant value for money. Well done to Raijintek for another great product.

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