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MAISI M60 ULTRA HD Dashcam Review

The product has seriously impressed me, The feature set is the same as products with a much higher price tag. The first impression were good, it’s immediately obvious when you unbox the came, the build quality is very high. It’s very well packed, and the addons such as the cable and holder again, are top quality.

I opted to charge the product and become familiar with the OSD, before taking it to the car. The button layout makes navigation is super easy, and fluid. It was mesmerized with a number of features and settings. I was able to ID them all without needing to check the manual. Theirs a lot in here, some of which I didn’t even expect. I set the quality to highest, turned off audio capture, and off we went. That alone is a good feature!

The product turns on, when the car starts and begins to record, we used a 32GB card. Upon checking the footage on my PC later that day, I was blown away. We also played back directly from the TV, using an HDMI cable. Everything was super clear and crisp, even at higher speeds. I was able to ID every signpost and most importantly number plates.

Theirs lots of safety features here, such as auto recording when an accident occurs, most you don’t want to think about nautally, but knowing these are present is very reassuring. Overall a fantastically priced product, that provides amazing video footage. No issues at all

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MAISI® ULTRA HD Dashcam, In-Car Black Box Camcorder (5MP, 150-Degree Wide Angle Lens With IR Filter, 2304*1296 Pixel, 2.4 Inch LCD Color Display, Automatic Ignition/Motion/Collision Detection with Built-in G-Sensor, Driver Fatigue Alert, One-Key Emergency Recording, Support Up To 32GB TF Card)

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  • 2.4 INCH LCD DISPLAY: watch live and play back without connection to a computer or external screen!
  • 150 DEGREE WIDE ANGLE LENS WITH IR FILTER: ensures complete viewing and super night vision to capture movements.
  • COLLISION DETECTION/EMERGENCY RECORDING: to save the current video in emergency situation, thus no need to worry about losing any evidence.
  • AUTO IGNITION: recording starts automatically when engine starts up and turns off when engine shuts off. Extremely convenient for use.
  • LOOP RECORDING: supplies unlimited recording time. More: Fatigue Alert, Motion Detection, G-sensor. Purchase comes with an extended warranty of 24 months, click to purchase.

Product Description

2304x1296P: The HIGHEST Resolution on Amazon So Far! The BEST OF THE BEST. Features : High configuration: Multiple high-end hardware, Ambarella A7, guarantees higher running speed and stable operation of the camera, which escorts you in every key moment. Advanced Lens: Six-layer glass lens with F/2.0 aperture gives brighter video footage and applies for recording in various weathers. 150° wide angle covers real and clear vision without image distortion nor vacuity. High Definition: 1296P professional lens with high-speed photography (30fps) supplies high definition video with smooth and fine quality. G-Sensor: The built-in G-sensor can record and storage XYZ waves. When acceleration reaches up to 6G, it can automatically trigger auto recording before and during the collision, thus providing convincing evidence for your protection. Night Vision: the HDR (High Dynamic Range) function ensures high-definition recording even at night or in poorly lighted/high contrast light...


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