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MAISI 2K Extreme HD Pro Review

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I’ve given the camera a good test, and I can report its fantastic. There’s so much on offer here for such a fair asking price. I was able to have it up and running in under five minutes. I and the wife think its great. Straight out go the box I knew it was going to be a good, one, its made to a very high standard.

I appreciate haveing all the button on the front for quick access, rather the sides. That said, once configured you’ll rarely need to make any adjustments. I recorded some test footage without audio, and at all the resolutions. The lowers one is more fluid at higher speeds, but I preferred sharper and clearer video, so the highest is the better overall, Lettering, number plates and colors tones were captured well, even in lower lights.

Battery life is somewhat average when running wires free, at only 55 mins, so you’ll need to keep it plugged in on longer journeys. The audio capture from the mic is OK, but does sound a tad muffled, I’m not fussed as I’ve no need for it anyway.

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MAISI 2K Extreme HD Pro 1296P Car Dash Camera, 2.7-Inch Screen In-Car Dashboard Cam with Collision Detection And Emergency Recording - Resolution Increased by 50% Compared with 1080p

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  • **2K Extreme HD:** The MAISI records every moment in exceptional 2304*1296p at 30 fps. Image quality has been *increased by 50%* the resolution of 1080p. NEVER MISS A LICENSE PLATE ANYMORE. Get ready to receive a full experience on stunning images with vivid colors delivered by its 4-megapixel image sensor.unning images with vivid colors delivered by its 4-megapixel image sensor.
  • **6G Lens and F1.8 Aperture:** The MAISI is equipped with 6 layers of 4-megapixel lens, creating high luminance flux videos during both day and night.
  • **Brand New Ultra-HDR Technology:** The MAISI is equipped with double-exposure merging technology. It merges 60fps into a 30fps video resulting in much better image quality. By leveraging the brightness of long exposure and converging the brightness of short exposure, it is able to create the perfect luminous balance and gives incredibly high quality images. With the advanced 3D-DNR technology and high ISO values, YOU CAN NOW SEE BETTER AT NIGHT.
  • **Built-in G-Sensor:** The camera features automatic incident detection (G-Sensor) with customizable sensitivity settings. When an incident, like hard braking or a collision is detected, the built-in 3-Axis G-Sensor will detect impact and automatically trigger emergency recording, which will not be overwritten.
  • **18 month Warranty** To Cover Any Issues and professional team support. All emails would be replied in 12-24 hours. Our contact email is inside the user's manual or quick installation guide. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Click the orange button to order now!

Product Description

An excellent choice for recording events on the road in 1296p Extreme HD, helping to reduce insurance quotes and assisting with making a claim. **UPDATE** Search "MAISI Dashcam" on YouTube and choose highest resolution to check image quality. Ignition detection: The camera automatically records when the engine starts, and turns off after the engine is off (working for most Car Models except those always having power supply in the cigarette lighter even when the engine is off). CLEAR & SHARP at all times: The MAISI Extreme HD portable dash-cam features with 2304*1296 high definition video at 30FPS. It could be used as convincing video proof. Wide Angle: Its 150 degree wide view angle camera lens ensures you a more complete viewing and recording. Night Vision: Night vision ensures high-definition recording even at night or in poor lighten conditions. Seamless Loop Recording: Seamless recording in loop to use the storage efficiently, with the earliest unlocked video clips being...


MAISI 2K Extreme HD Pro Review
Bottom Line
Overall a good product. The OSD is very well designed and moving from one setting to the next is a breeze. No issues to share, a solid and very able piece of kit.
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  1. Daniel says

    very good quality. I have one of Maisi dash cameras.Recommended!

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