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Kolink Aviator V Mid-Tower Case Review

Kolink Aviator V Mid-Tower Case Review. Today we examine a product that is easy on the wallet but boasts some great features and a unique visual appearance. With the current surge in tempered glass side panels, the Aviator V aims to strike a balance between this and your budget.

With a full acrylic window side panel and high gloss finish, it is begging for nice hardware and lighting.  Times have changed, and names you may not be familiar are always worth checking out. Kolink offers a large range of gaming related products and supplies. The lineup varies from discrete to colorful.

UK Pricing on the day of review is 46.99 (correct at the time of writing) available from OverclockersUK

Kolink Aviator V Mid-Tower Case Review

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[Kolink Aviator V Mid-Tower Case Features and Specs]

With it’s aggressive gaming design, the Kolink Aviator is an excellent example of a gaming case that is packed full of features without the hefty pricetag. The Black Aviator V comes with a premium Glossy finish, and three pre-installed fans, 2 of which are Red LED. The Aviator V comes with support for up to 370mm VGA cards, 170mm CPU Coolers and 240mm Radiators on the top or front panel. In addition, the Aviator V features a full acrylic window side panel, which gives you an impressive view of your entire system. Furthermore, the Aviator V comes with 2 x USB3.0 ports at standard, an TF/SD Card Reader and a fan controller for excellent user interface options.

The Kolink Aviator is an excellent Midi Tower gaming chassis and represents outstanding value for money within the gaming range.


– 2 x Front USB 3.0 with audio jacks
– Extruded right side panel for cable management & better airflow.
– Large hexagonal mesh on front and top for good airflow.
– Equipped with a stylish pedestal that lifts your chassis and improves airflow.
– Bottom PSU placement.
– Tool free SSD, HDD side installation.
– TF/SD card reader ready for quick access to multimedia.
– Full Acrylic window side panel for an impressive view of your system
– Dual radiator water cooler compatible (top and front)

Expand to Read FULL Specs

  • – Model: Aviator Black
  • – Type: Midi Tower Case
  • – Colour: Black with glossy front panel finish
  • – Case Material: 0.5mm Steel/Plastic
  • – Power Supply Orientation: Bottom
  • – Motherboard Support: ATX/Micro-ATX/Mini-ITX
  • – External 5.25″ Bays: 2
  • – External 3.5″ Bays: 1
  • – Internal 3.5″ Bays: 2
  • – Internal 2.5″ Bays: 1
  • – Expansion Slots: 7
  • – Front Ports: 2 x USB3.0 (with USB2.0 convertor), 1 x USB2.0, HD-Audio x 1, Mic x 1, SD Card Reader, Fan Controller
  • – Cooling System:
    • Front – 2 x 120mm Fan (included Red LED)
    • Rear – 1 x 120mm (included)
    • Top – 2 x 120mm (optional)
  • – Dimensions: 400 x 211 x 480mm
  • – Box Dimensions: 578 x 263 x 538
  • Clearance: VGA – 370mm, CPU Cooler – 170mm

Packaging and Bundle

The Kolink Aviator V arrived in a bold and striking box. We gave the inside a good examination, and we’re happy with the amount of protection and padding. As it has a window, and shiny, glossy panels, they have further wrapped the chassis. A smart move

The bundle is very impressive, and I appreciated the little zipper clear bag, that everything is inside. This is so much better than those tear up bags, which cause screws to fly in the air. *Can’t only be me?

Kolink Aviator V Mid-Tower Case Review

Exterior Tour

Kolink Aviator V Mid-Tower Case Review

The first impressions are great, despite my initial reservations. A high gloss plastic, is generally associated with cheaper products, but credit to Kolink. I love what they’ve achieved here. The high gloss runs from the base of the front, right up and across the top panel too. An absolute nightmare to photograph!

The shape is different to most, almost a Sci-Fi vibe right? With lots of subtle angles, the panel works really well to deliver a sense of presence. It does feature a swivel out door on the upper portion to reveal the 5.25″ bays behind it. This is a must in 2017,  bay drives are rarely used anymore but do allow the consumer use of legacy drives, and alternative niche products.

Kolink Aviator V Mid-Tower Case Review

No direct ventilation from the front, but rather a scoop on the underside which the two preinstalled fans draw air from. The scoop lets light out too, which adds some eye candy

Kolink Aviator V Mid-Tower Case Review

The top panel, follows a similar design but has some surprise additions included.  Kolink have managed to implement USB connectors, power, reset, activity lights, a media card reader and more in a very discreet manner. The power button is found in the center and requires a good amount pressure to avoid any accidental presses.  There is some lighting in this portion of the case,  when coupled up with the lights from the fans, produce a beautiful overall glow.


It’s fixed as RED, but if you’re feeling adventurous, then swapping it out for something more for your own taste, wouldn’t be too difficult.

Towards the back, we find a good amount of the panel, has been dedicated to a mesh section, creating an airflow channel. Out of the box, this allows hot air to naturally rise and escape, but opens up scope for AIO coolers, or you own set of fans to further aid with overall system temps.


The Aviator sits on four oversized feet, raising the case up about 40mm from the ground. This allows your PSU to draw in a good amount of cold air, or expel out, depending on the orientation.

Kolink Aviator V Mid-Tower Case Review

The right side of the case utilizes what I refer to as ” bulge out panels”. They are the perfect compromise between having a thin case and still being able to hide cables. Rather than widen the case, the panel extrudes out towards the center, and you can place wires behind them. More on this soon

The real stand out feature from me is the inclusion of the full panel acrylic window. It offers a chance to see your kit, and without the limit of size or shape, that we find in a normal window. This is an entire panel, and Kolink has managed to achieve a tempered glass panel effect, without hiking the price. Lighting is key to making the most of this feature. Due to the high gloss nature, it’s near impossible to photograph

Kolink Aviator V Mid-Tower Case Review

A generic layout on the backside of the case, with a bottom, mounted PSU and 7 PCI covers. They are all snap out, but Kolink to offer 2x replacements in the bundle.

Interior Tour

Kolink Aviator V Mid-Tower Case Review

Focusing now on some of the specific assets inside, the one of importance is the decision to remove the center HD caddy. For most consumers, they sit dormant anyway, or they are removed to allow a longer GPU installed. This case can take a max of 370mm

Kolink Aviator V Mid-Tower Case Review

Some remove them to aid with cooling drives, and generally improve airflow from the front fans. Kolink has the made that decision for you.

Kolink Aviator V Mid-Tower Case Review

Talking of storage, the case will accommodate 3x 3.5″ drives in the lower chamber, with a locking slide mechanism.  Also, support for an SSD on top

Kolink Aviator V Mid-Tower Case Review

2x 5.25″ bays in the top for optical drives and such.

To recap the storage options, the case can handle

  • 2x 5.25″
  • 3x 3.5″
  • 1x 2.5″ (lid of lower caddy)

Kolink Aviator V Mid-Tower Case Review

it isn’t a big deal only having one dedicated SSD mount…However, Kolink has been smart and added a mount directly onto the motherboard tray too. Great use of space! You’ll find 4x slots for out cables. Three of which are large enough for power cables and one dedicated for motherboard headers.

You’ll find 4x main slots for cables. Three of which are large enough for power cables and one dedicated for motherboard headers.

No grommets naturally at this asking price. Sadly due to the overall product size, once you install an ATX motherboard, they won’t be any use, as they’ll be underneath

Kolink Aviator V Mid-Tower Case Review

Spinning to the backside and feelings are mixed, a solid layout but space is almost zero between board and side panel edge. Thankfully that’s the beauty of the bulge out, side panel they’ve included.

This means wiring can be bundled around the center, and keeps the overall case width down. Despite this, you’ll still manage to fit all current CPU tower coolers inside.

Lots of locations to add zip ties, and routes your wiring

The CPU window is way to small but may work on smaller motherboards

Kolink Aviator V Mid-Tower Case Review

I referenced earlier, that to the top will house a 240mm Radiator, and Kolink claims you could also fit one in front. For that, you need to remove the front portion of the case, and while strictly possible I’d suggest the roof instead.

The Build

Kolink Aviator V Mid-Tower Case Review

Building inside the Aviator V was an interesting experience. Once I placed the motherboard down, it was apparent instantly; this was going to be a challenge.

To fair, depending on what you install it’s not bad, I added a long GPU, ATX board, PSU, and a watercooler. I still had room for much more

Kolink Aviator V Mid-Tower Case Review

The cabling, must be tied down into place. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a mess like this. That’s not the end of the world, 99% of users prefer the other side to look tidy, and if this is the cost…so be it!

Limits & Observations.

Clearance: VGA – 370mm, CPU Cooler – 170mm

No problems for CPU coolers, and likewise with the lack of middle HD cage, you are good to go for 99% of graphics cards on the market.

Kolink Aviator V Mid-Tower Case Review

Cable routing, while the Aviator V seems limited and it is… with some patience and careful planning. Such as laying wires in place before the motherboard, and tucking the excess into the spare HD bays. The amount of room to manage wiring isn’t the worse I’ve ever seen. Unless you have an oversized PSU, with a mass amount of stiff cabling, you’ll be just fine. The real issue I have is trivial for some, but others will agree. The internal wiring looks bad, in 2017 it should be all black.

Final Thoughts

So then it’s time to wrap up our findings and deliver a verdict. Let us start with the positives and there are a few to list. You’d struggle to find a case for 50 pounds that offers 240mm rad support, media card reader, 3 fans, fan controller, acrylic side panel and support for long GPU’s. Yet here it is, a case that has it all, and with change from your fifty-pound investment.

Visuals will divide opinions, as you’ll either love the high gloss or won’t. It’s ready to out of the box concerning lighting, and the gloss was the right decision as It reacts well to the coating. If you spend a few pounds more and add some RGB strips for example, then it’ll shine more so (literally) The actual exterior shape is a nice mix between sci-fi and low key, neither too much of one or the other. A difficult task but Kolink has achieved a nice balance

The interior offers a great deal of flexibility for a longer GPU, taller CPU coolers, and ample storage options. Cable routing is a challenge for ATX board users, but despite its smaller footprint, I didn’t have any real issue building my test system inside.  This is all thanks to the bulge out panel on the right, if you bundle spares around the center, you’ll be OK. Be creative with the lower HD bays for longer and stiff wiring if needed, and do plan ahead with the likes of the 8pin EPS. The Aviator V has enough room for a decent setup and while watercooling with a custom solution isn’t viable, you can for sure install an AIO unit up to 240mm in size (Roof).

Negatives? With the price in mind, the following aren’t strictly negative at all, but exactly what I’d expect. No grommets on the cable routing holes and the high gloss will be a fingerprint magnet. Apart from the rainbow I/O wires, that’s literally it,

I’m really impressed with the Kolink Aviator V in all other aspects, and this is a lot of case for such a small asking price. Feel free to see what the competition is offering, but be prepared to pay a lot more for the privilege.

Kolink Aviator V Mid-Tower Case
Reader Rating2 Votes7.1
Unique Apperance
Free fans
Card reader
large panel Window
GPU/CPU Cooler Support
Cable routing can be tough!
Old fashioned I/O wires
Have a tight budget? Consider this!
Great Value
Kolink has put their stamp on the budget case market and I'm excited to see what they deliver in the future. The Aviator is an excellent Midi Tower gaming chassis and represents outstanding value for money within the gaming range.
Check price @ OverclockersUK ?

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