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Gamewarez Gaming Beanbags

Gamewarez Gaming Beanbags

New Year, New Look: Gamewarez Gaming Beanbags Now Come with a Discrete Facelift and Innovative Inner Workings

In August 2017, a young German label called Gamewarez started to revolutionize console gamers’ seating habits by launching the first real gaming beanbags – ergonomic, practical and durable. The first wave to hit the market consisted of the so called Classic Series, featuring the models Crimson Thunder (black/red), Arctic Blizzard (black/blue) Cosmic Lightning (black/silver-grey) and, more recently, Toxic Storm (black/neon green) and Mystic Sunset (black/neon pink).

From the very beginning, all beanbags are filled with high-quality, dust-free EPS beads Made in Germany to ensure an unrivalled comfortable seating position; but now, Gamewarez improved the inner workings by an innovative tunnel system with an extra zipper: this gimmick prevents a potential leakage and loss of the EPS beads and guarantees a convenient refilling.

From the inside to the (new) outside: Gamewarez has now improved the design of the Classic Series beanbags towards a more high-grade, discrete look, featuring an eye-catching, lateral textile logo label on the upper left side of the back-rest and a stylish signet patch with the Gamewarez initials on the lower right side of the beanbags. Needless to say that they still boast all characteristics that ensure an extremely comfortable gaming experience: Thanks to the perfectly positioned Velcro headset holder and smart side pocket compartments which can be extended by way of clever Velcro fasteners, gamers can store all kinds of equipment within close proximity – from controller over remote control on to snacks and drinks.

The outer surface of these high-quality gaming beanbags is made of pure polyester. This makes them not only extremely robust, hard wearing, tear-resistant and lightweight, but also flame-retardant, highly water and dirt-repellent, and extremely easy to clean, so that food or beverage spillages are absolutely no cause for concern – a stylish and comfortable addition to any indoor or outdoor seating area.

As a fancy addition to the Classic Series beanbags, Gamewarez created the so-called stations: these functional poufs work as a footrest or as a seating accommodation for team play action with the best buddy – perfectly suited to complete a relaxed gaming area at home and now available in a new design with stylish logo labels and patches instead of the printed Gamewarez letterings.

Learn more about the comfortable gaming furniture by Gamewarez on www.gamewarez.de.


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