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Func MS-3 Revision 2 Gaming Mouse Review

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Today we review the Func MS-3 Revision 2 Gaming Mouse as the name implies this is the second revision, these type of products, in theory, should great right? That’s the reason for a new product version to iron out bugs, annoyances and problems. Trouble is though we know from experience that when addressing the flaws, in some cases new ones can be introduced.  The tagline of the Company “Func” is “Functionality. Perfected” which is a bold and confident claim, we hope they can live up to it.
I must confess despite being in the game since 1999, I’ve not even heard of Func until a few weeks back , It would be foolish to make any assumptions based on their website alone, but before any product arrives to me, I will always visit the site and product page. I want to see how the product is listed, clarity and meaningful information is what I expect to see, and not a wall of text or a one line descriptions. Support, manuals, downloads or firmware should be easy to access.
Func have covered all these areas and above all the website design is stunning. In under 1 minute I could find all the information and resources I needed. Something I cannot say for many brands.  Consumers should not be expected to spend unnecessary time and effort to find such information.
Before we even touch the specifications and features it’s worth watching this video below, despite the humour (which we loved!) This should give you an idea of the design process and product intention.

Func MS-3 Revision 2 Gaming Mouse Review – Specs

Read Full Specs?

Model Overview

Made with the solely purpose of creating an advantage over your opponents, Func MS-3² sticks out from the rest with its unique, performance driven line-up of interesting features. The unprecedented possibilities of customization and extensive macro settings allow it to fit any game style. The ergonomic design is the result of many development hours and studies of the human hand in order to give you the solid grip that never takes your eyes of the screen. All buttons are carefully been placed to minimize the reaction time. Ladies and gentlemen, this is advantage. Perfected.
MCU/Processor: WT6573
Switches: Omron
Sensor: Avago ADNS 9500
Memory: Onboard, 512 kB
Resolution: 90-5670 DPI
Frames per second: 12 000
Tracking speed: 5.1 m/sec (150 ips)
Max Acceleration: 30 g
Image processing: 10.6 megapixels/sec
Report rate: Adjustable, up to 1000Hz
Lift-off distance: Adjustable
Upgradable firmware: Yes
Connection: USB. Goldplated (2 m braided cable)
Dimensions & Weight
• 126.92×100.69×42.38mm / 4.99×3.97×1.69in
• Netto weight: 127g / 0.28lbs.
Func kindly provided us with a complimenting surface as well as the mouse, so we’ll cover that too

 Surface 1030²

Tech. Specs.
Surface material: Polycarbonate
Surface type: F30.r / F10.s
Thickness: 4 mm / 0.16 in
Surface 1030² XL
Size: 36×28 cm / 14×11 in
Weight: 502 gr / 0.93 lbs
Surface 1030² L
Size: 33×26 cm / 13×10 in
Weight: 422 gr / 0.93 lbs
Warranty Information
This product has a 2-year limited warranty from the date of purchase.

Func MS-3 Revision 2 Gaming Mouse Review – Closer Look

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The box design almost mirrors the Func website design, with lots of blank white and orange accented text. From the front, we have our first glimpse of the product but it’s subtle and intrigues the eye, with the desire to see more. Flipping the box around to the rear Func has this perfected, with a simple product image and the key features listed in a spider diagram like element. The text is clear and concise, good job Func
Zowie FK1 Review | Techicize
Contents are pretty much what you’d expect, after what we’ve seen this far.

  • A user manual
  • Drive Disc
  • Warning card with instruction to update the product

The emphasize is on simplicity and clarity once again.
The mouse is housed in a solid and capable hard plastic, with the USB cord neatly folded to the underside, thankfully this is a pop open box and no mass amount of tools are required to gain access.

Func Surface 1030²


Much like the mouse, packaging on the Surface share the less is more approach. The front is scarce with only the brand and model name to be seen. On the reverse the relevant information is found but let’s be honest it’s a self-explanatory product.
The box lid folds open to reveal the product. Inside we find the cord clip which can be placed at either side depending on your needs.
It’s a basic product so there is very little to say. The XL is a touch too big for my desk area coming in at 36×28 cm but I made it work! First impressions are good from a quality and finish perspective. Everything is smooth and comfortable.
The main surface is reversible, each side with a slightly different feel and this will be down to the user to experiment with.
On the underside you’ll find two small holes that allow you to push the surface out of its frame. This not only makes the process incredibly easy but without it, I would expect that corners would damage overtime if you changed it frequently.
As mentioned the cord clip can fit on either side. Changing it from one to other takes only a few seconds, the mechanism feels solid and should be long-lasting.
Up next we’ll take a closer look at the MS3-2 mouse.

Visually one of the most interesting mice we’ve seen so far, yet we can’t help but feel a sense of de ja Vu here though, it’s strikingly similar to the CM Strom reaper we reviewed last year. Starting at the rear of the mouse you’ll notice indents are moulded, these are logically placed for your pinky and ring finger to sit. I and a few others tried the mouse and we’ll agree the initial comfort was superb.
Spinning around to the left side, we find 4 buttons each unique and customisable. The smaller of all, the sniper button is one of best placed I’ve seen on a mouse, they tend to be that little bit too far away for my thumb but here on the MS3-2 I had to make no effort to press it. The same can be said for two main side buttons above it. Sadly the lower of the 4 which sits just under the middle of your thumb, felt unnatural and for me was just not practical. I tried over the course the review to hold the mouse in various positions, it just wasn’t happening for me. The issue is the amount of pressure required for the button to click, but had it been easier than it would be prone to accidental pressing. It’s a catch 22 situation here for me, others with larger hands found it be more suitable.
Looking at the MS3-2 from the front, we find the main LMB/RMB, scroll wheel which has nice soft but grippy feel. An additional button is located on the RMB, although its styled like the troublesome button I just mentioned above, this was much more user-friendly and natural to work with.  Finally, on the main top section of the mouse 2 further buttons that control DPI button are found. Placement is perfect, in the V between your two main clicking fingers. Available if you need it but out-of-the-way if you don’t.
Turning the MS3-2 over, really emphasises just how wide the product is.
The included braided cable finishes the look and works well as a design element but I found it to be a touch too stiff even after heavy usage.

Func MS-3 Revision 2 Gaming Mouse Review – Software

Func’s software could not be easier to work with, once loaded it defaults to the “Basic Settings” tab which contains all the options and settings for DPI, pointer sensitivity, Double click speed, List off distance, Scroll speed and had few welcome extras such as angle snapping, pointer acceleration and polling rates.
With 10 customisable buttons the configuration is a breeze and the options are very robust.
colour settings
The MS3-2 has two main lighting areas, and with the coloured sliders, the amount of control you have is endless. I appreciated that these can be configured independently, the extra option to tweak brightness and saturation is welcome too. The thing that baffles me, however, is that the DPI indicator will always be orange, it’s barely noticeable but I’d like to have had control of that area too.
macros firmware
Setting up macro’s is a simple affair on the MS-3. Firmware update, on the other hand, isn’t quite as smooth as I would like it to be. The readout that states you may need another mouse to complete the update is a huge flaw. What if this is your only mouse to hand?
A robust and elegant package that ticks all the boxes for most user’s needs.

Func MS-3 Revision 2 Gaming Mouse Review – Usage and Observations

IMG_0237 IMG_0235
Today the amount of choice for the consumer is great but it poses the tough question “what is the right mouse for me?” It’s difficult to find a mouse that works for you personally. Some products are built from the ground up for gaming and gaming alone, others try to find the balance as an everyday mouse with gaming enhancements. Not all brands get it right but the MS3-2 is one of the few exceptions, I could use this daily for my general tasks knowing that I can load up my favourite game and jump straight in.
While my personal preference on a mouse is a simple classic design with a few buttons, I can’t deny the way in which Func designed the MS3 -2 it’s very comfortable to use, very well made and has a lot to offer through the customisation in the software. Utilising all the options allows you full control over everything the mouse has to offer. Starting with 3 profiles and 3 unique settings for dpi, which adds a great deal of flexibility for different games, setting or scenarios.

You can delve deeper and have the ability to separate the x and y-axis allowing for an in-depth customisation. This is all amplified with the great location of the actual DPI selector button on the mouse. The “instant aim” button proved to be valuable whilst sniping, gamers know it’s a tough one to master as you don’t want to move too much, or too quick. This nifty little button made the game experience more fun rather than frustrating.
As for the surface, Func delivered highly!

So much so that even if you’re not interested in buying the actual mouse, I strongly suggest you have a look at the range they have to offer. The mouse pad is a tool that is often overlooked but a worthwhile investment if you’re serious about your gaming, no amount of money spent on a high-end gaming mouse will make a difference to your play without the correct surface.  With two sides to choose from, one with a flat finish and the other with a slight resistance to it texture wise, which you can flip around whenever you feel like. The surface is washable with a cloth, meaning you just need to wipe clean and it’s ready to go again.

The mouse naturally and comfortably glides nicely around it and it’s down to personal preference which side you use. I preferred the flat smooth side as I don’t like any resistance.

Func MS-3 Revision 2 Gaming Mouse Review
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