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Four of the Coolest New Arrivals in the World of Tech

Four of the Coolest New Arrivals in the World of Tech

Four of the Coolest New Arrivals in the World of Tech

For tech lovers, we are currently smack-dab in the middle of an amazing time, filled with releases of some of the most amazing smartphones, gaming systems and other electronic gadgets imaginable. As a bonus, if you are either hoping to ask Santa for a new state-of-the-art tech device, or you want to buy some for your lucky loved ones on your shopping list, many new tech arrivals will be out in time for the holidays.

So, without further ado, check out the four newest arrivals in the land of technology:

The Samsung Galaxy Note8

Android fans were delighted when Samsung’s newest smartphone — the Galaxy Note 8 — hit the shelves this fall. The snazzy smartphone features that smartest S Pen ever created; this will allow you to take notes during a work meeting without unlocking your screen or quickly jot down someone’s email address or phone number. The S Pen is also now water resistant. The Galaxy Note8’s dual rear 12 MP cameras with an 8 MP front camera will let you capture professional looking photos no matter where you are, and the slimmer phone now features an 83 percent screen-to-body ration, which means you can use more of the screen than ever.

The iPhone X

No list of awesome 2017 tech would be complete without a mention of the iPhone X — which is pronounced “Ten,” as in the Roman numeral. As CNET notes, Apple has taken the already pretty incredible iPhone series and brought it to the next level; the phone features a number of “firsts” for Apple including a 5.8-inch OLED screen with a million to one contrast ratio. Other features include Face ID to unlock the device, optical image stabilization on both the rear 12 MP camera lenses and a terrific portrait mode on the front facing camera that captures amazing images. Also, instead of a home button, the iPhone X will go anywhere you want it to with a simple swipe of the finger, and emoji fans will love the new feature that animates the little faces and other images. If you are prone to dropping your phone from time to time, the X comes with the most durable glass ever found in an smartphone, and it is also water and dust resistant.

The Xbox One X

If you are a serious gamer or have one on your holiday list, the Xbox One X is probably on your tech radar. Microsoft’s most powerful game console ever, which recently hit the shelves, can play all of the games as the existing Xbox One, but it can also do so with 4K resolution. It can also handle 4K Blu-Ray discs too, which some of the competition cannot.

Super NES Classic Edition

If you spent more time than you care to admit trying to find Nintendo’s Classic last December, you are in luck. Nintendo recently released the Super NES Classic Edition system that is designed to look and feel like the original 1990s console — except it is much smaller. The device includes 20 Super NES games along with the never-before-released StarFox 2 game. As Nintendo notes this console was “worth the wait.”

A Great Time to Be a Technophile

From these four aforementioned devices to other tech gadgets that were released this year or are on the horizon for 2018, now is definitely a wonderful time to be a gadget geek. Try adding one to your holiday wish list — if you’ve been a good girl or boy this year, you might just find it under the Christmas tree.

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