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EasySMX Wireless 2.4g Game Controller Review

EasySMX Wireless 2.4g Game Controller Review. I prefer to game on PC, and android, so this seemed to tick all the boxes for my needs. Apart from the controller you’ll find the USB dongle. it’s worth mentioning this product does not work on the XBOX one or 360 but will be fine for PS3, PC, and android devices etc.

The first impressions are really good, it literally feels like the official model in terms of weight and shape. With the added benefit of the additional grip pads at either side, which helped a lot during longer gaming sessions. The controller setup takes only seconds, install the dongle and insert the batteries into the controller, press mode and thats it…done

The asking price is very fair considering the overall quality and feel. Worth investing in. You have all the standard buttons plus an additional turbo features. Which is well detailed in the manual. The layout and thumbsticks are just fine, with no issue to report



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