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Divoom Bluetune Pop Bluetooth Loud Speaker for iPhone iPad Laptops Smartphones


Divoom Bluetune Pop Bluetooth Loud Speaker review. Welcome to a new year and our first review of 2014, today our review item on the Techicize bench table is the “Divoom Bluetune Pop Bluetooth Loud Speaker for iPhone iPad Laptops Smartphones”, in the past we looked at the similar products from the brand “Divoom”. This particular model, the “Divoom Bluetune Pop” is much smaller and practical compared to “Onbeat 200”. Internally the Bluetune even less to offer, only 4w total output. It’s too early to form a fair opinion, but we are sceptical at this point.


The concept of having something that fits in the pocket, looks good and serves its purpose as a mobile speaker is fine. However, I have to be honest I just don’t see the point. Its bigger brother the Onbeat 200 seemed more logical, as if offers you more; like its speakerphone capability, volume and track control. The Divoom Bluetune Pop” though…I can only state from experience what I’ve seen here in the UK.  We have a real issue with our youth especially teenagers; they’re well known to behave antisocially and play loud music on buses and public areas. I feel they would love a product like this. That said let’s take a closer look at what the product offers.


Divoom Bluetune Pop Bluetooth- Specifications and Features

Read Specs
  • High-performance Bluetooth mini speaker for mobile operation via your mobile phone, iPod, iPhone or laptop.
  • 4 Watt power and Bluetooth V3.0 and A2DP
  • Pop-in/-out mechanism: The Bluetune Pop can be popped down to pocket sized with a mechanism similar to a ballpoint pen When open, the additional space in the housing improves the sound quality.
  • 2-in-1 USB audio cable to connect devices without Bluetooth
  • Integrated lithium ion battery (charged through USB) for maximum listening time of 8 hours (5 hours using Bluetooth)

At the time of writing the device is retailing for around £24 on Amazon, which is fair, Let’s take a closer look at the product



Divoom Bluetune Pop Bluetooth- A Closer look

Much like other Divoom products, they ship in a solid plastic casing, it’s the second unit we’ve looked at, and upon delivery of our sample, and it’s broken just like the previous. That aside it’s executed well. You can see all of the product, the information provided is clear and relevant. The included accessories and manual are sealed under the unit.


Inside the product box we find the included manual and charging cable. The cable also has a 3.5mm attachment offering you the choice to use it via cable or Bluetooth. The manual is brief, quite rightly is  very easy to use the product.

The “Divoom Bluetune” is styled with no visible buttons or lights, the only button is located on the underside of the unit. This serves as power button but is also used to switch between paired devices. When the product is “popped” the charge port is revealed.  Being such a basic unit their no controls present even for volume control. This must be adjusted via the source..



Divoom Bluetune Pop Bluetooth- Conclusion TL:DR

It’s really a no-brainer product, we’re confident anyone, any age would have no issue using it. As the unit is powered via USB its universal. The product claims up to 8 hours continuous usage, We found the unit did just that with no niggles. The included cable serves a dual purpose. From the very same charging cable, you can plug the device directly into a range of products that have a 3.5mm jack. We like this idea very much, less cables to carry, less clutter, it’s a real plus for the ” Bluetune Pop”

The huge flaw is the cable length, it’s around 10cm long from the USB end that powers the device to the 3.5mm jack. If you’re using a laptop and set of external speakers on a desk, should be no problem really, restricted but not impossible. What about a Desktop machine? It’s just not going to work, it’s really not practical. . Say you have the cable plugged around the back of your machine into the motherboard USB ports, wishing to plug into device like an iPad, iPhone, it’s just not going to happen. Quite a silly mistake by Divoom. Yes I know you’re probably thinking the obvious and where being picky,  its Bluetooth device and this very issue is rendered null when using Bluetooth… but one of its features is to play audio via the 3.5mm cable!


Moving onto the unit itself, the “pop in pop out” system is pretty cool, it does indeed downside the unit a little, only 13mm or so. The overall design is a winner, it’s so simple yet so impressive. No flashy lights, no buttons no company branding in sight. It’s very simple and we love that about it. Much like other Divom products a few choices of colour are available

White – Black – Purple & Red




We used the device in a range of locations, with different devices and played a large variety of audio. I can’t deny I seriously underestimated this product. The volume levels for starters was much more than I had expected. The “Bluetune Pop” produces a very clear and crisp sound. With the device in it is out of the box state, The quality was a tad distorted and slightly hollow on some testing. We popped the device to unleash its potential with clearer and richer quality. The Bass comes to life. The claim of 360 ° sound field is not overstated. The device does indeed fill the area around it.



We would like to thank DIVOOM for providing the sample, we look forward to seeing more from them, in the near future.We believe in transparency and clarity.

We offer ALL the companies we work a chance to provide any follow-up information, clarifications or responses of any kind. They will appear here if provided.

Divoom Bluetune Pop Bluetooth Loud Speaker for iPhone iPad Laptops Smartphones
Reader Rating1 Vote8.7
Final Words
So it’s great product? Well yes it! One thing for sure … kids will love them. My own personal gripes aside, performance and styling wise, its worthy of our Silver award

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