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CREATIVE FLEX Headphone Review

CREATIVE FLEX Headphone Review. The Sound Blaster name implies audio goodness, but with a price tag so low, are they worth your money? Pricing on the day of review is 29.99, available direct from Creative or on Amazon

They look the part, and have a clever design element to keep them fresh, and multi-user friendly. We put them under the microscope and deliver our verdict!

[Features and Specs]

Close Your Eyes, Take a Deep Breath and be Immersed in Total Audio Bliss

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  • Wearing Style
    •  On-ear
  • Weight 
    • 136g
  • Adjustable Headband
    • Yes
  • Foldable Design
    • Yes
  • Color
    • Black
  • Included Accessories
    • Four Pairs of Changeable Color Tabs
  • Inline Microphone
    • Yes
  • Drivers
    • 32mm (1.26 Inches) Neodymium magnet
  • Frequency Response
    • 20Hz ~ 22kHz
  • Impedance
    • 24ohms
  • Connector Type
  • L-shaped 3.5mm (0.13 inches) 4-pole Plug
    Compatible with the latest smartphones and tablets supporting 3.5mm 4-pole connector (CTIA standard). Functions may vary among devices. It is not recommended to use on a device with regular stereo or 3-pole socket.
  • Cable Length
    • 1.2m / 3.9ft
  • Cable Style
    • Tangle-free Symmetrical Stereo Cable
  • Recommended Usage
  • Music/Movies
    • Yes
  • Chats
    • Yes

Courtesy of Creative, See more detail

CREATIVE FLEX Headphone Review – Product Tour

CREATIVE FLEX Headphone ReviewThe product arrives in a see through plastic frame and card wrap. We can ID some of the key features with ease, in particular, the 4 changeable color tabs.


Around the card edges, Creative outline the key features of the Flex. Namely being lightweight, offering a punchy bass, cable length (1.2M) and the inline mic with control.

CREATIVE FLEX Headphone Review

While there’s no carry pouch included, the Flex is travel-friendly, with a smart folding design. The product is made up with a classic mix of blacks and silvers.

CREATIVE FLEX Headphone Review

The area that matters the most for me is the cups, and in delighted to find a very generous amount of padding here on the Flex. The inside has a left/right indicator, and this is also stamped on the frames too.  Regarding how much padding, I’d have to say above average. Naturally, this isn’t real premium leather but rather the ordinary plush leatherette

CREATIVE FLEX Headphone Review

The headbanded however isn’t lined with the same generous offering. It is somewhat timid by comparison but for 29.99 I didn’t expect much more.

The frame is made up with a slide to expand system, each step you make holds very well, thanks to the textured material underneath.

CREATIVE FLEX Headphone Review

Control is handled directly from the inline microphone. A single button handles call functions and playback.

CREATIVE FLEX Headphone Review

Out of the box, the Flex is fitted with two red stripes, but you may wish to switch these with the gray/green or blue inserts.

CREATIVE FLEX Headphone Review

Removing them is very easy to do, a clever design element to suit multiple users!

CREATIVE FLEX Headphone Review

The Flex houses 32mm (1.26 Inches) Neodymium magnet drivers, and weigh in at just 136g. 

The 1.2m cable claims to be tangle free, and while that’s debatable for any set. They didn’t tangle or knot to the point of frustration

CREATIVE FLEX Headphone Review

Overall impression are great; the Flex is a headset with a premium design but with a very respectable price tag. The obvious question is…how do they sound?


CREATIVE FLEX Headphone Review -Performance & Final Thoughts

So then it’s time to wrap up our findings and deliver a verdict.

Audio quality, is highly subjective and does make my life as a reviewer tricky, when it comes to speakers, and headsets. I share what I feel and hear, and I always rope in the opinion of friends and family members, in the hope to deliver an unbiased and varied opinion. We all agreed the kit produced more you would expect for 29.99. Don’t kid yourself, despite carrying the Creative name, theirs no studio quality here (obviously!) What we have is an above average piece of kit, that trumps anything else in the 30 pounds range.

For general music, it delivered excellent and crisp tones for the majority of our testing content. Bass was a tad low, but trebles are sweet and balanced. At the higher volume levels, they do struggle, with some notable muffling. Anything about 80% is out of the question we feel. Despite the Flex’s slight shorting comings, which is reflected in the price tag, they still bested anything else we’ve heard in the segment of the market.  Voice clarity in games and movies was on point. The inline microphone delivered fair results; call recipients reported no hissing or muffling.

We would like to thank Creative for sending out the test sample

CREATIVE FLEX Headphone Review
Bottom Line
If you're in the market for a great looking headset, with a premium vibe but with a lower price tag, then do consider the Flex. The clever insert system adds some versatility. Sound quality was above the baseline we've seen from other sets at this price. Another mighty fine product from Creative!
Colour Swap feature
Fold away
Good All Around Performance
Great Value
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