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Corsair M65 Pro RGB Mouse Review

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Corsair M65 Pro RGB Mouse Review.  Today we examine the latest version of the M65, the PRO RGB. Look or sound familiar? It ought too, as the original M65 which launched a few years ago, looks almost identical to this model. Since the original model, we’ve seen the RGB version. So what’s new? The Pro is a more of refresh rather than a new product, sporting a new 12k optical sensor rather than a laser.  Surface calibration and other cosmetic tweaks, including a change to materials have been used to form a better mouse.

The question for many will be “Is this a worthy upgrade from the original M65, or even the M65 RGB?”

Pricing in the UK is somewhere around the £50 pounds mark/$59.99, check other regions

[Product Specification & Description]

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Corsair M65 Pro RGB Mouse Review - Specs

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  • 12000 DPI high-accuracy sensor: custom tuned, gaming grade sensor for pixel-precise tracking
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum structure: light weight, durability, and optimal mass distribution
  • Advanced weight tuning system: set the center of gravity to match your play style
  • Surface calibration tuning utility: Optimizes sensor precision and responsiveness for your playing surface
  • Optimized sniper button positioning: take advantage of on-the-fly DPI switching to instantly match mouse speed to gameplay demands
  • Harness the Power of CUE: don’t just configure your mouse – program it with double macros, custom RGB lighting, and more
  • Eight strategically placed buttons: gain an advantage by customizing your button configuration and play your way
  • High-capacity Omron switches rated for 20 million clicks: ensure reliable performance that holds up through even the longest campaigns.
  • High-mass scroll wheel: a rubberized exterior is wrapped around a metallic core for great feel and tactile precision
  • Extra-large PTFE glide pads: great feel and swift, precise movement with minimal effort

Courtesy of Corsair, read more.

[Packaging & Bundle]

Corsair wraps their gaming products in a black and yellow box. The combo is enticing, but easy on the eyes too. From the front side, we’re shown the mouse, emitting multiple colours, and there’s a mention of the borderline insane 12k DPI sensor. Around the back, Corsair has done an excellent job of showing what the product can do, with minimal text and no mumbo jumbo.

The box edges reference the RGB elements, sensor and box contents. I was surprised to see they don’t mention warranty, which is actually 2 years. Which honestly is more than fair, but may disgruntle some, who are accustom to 3.

[A Closer Look]


We shall start our tour of the M65 PRO RGB with a view from the backside. It’s immediately apparent this is a right-hand mouse, sorry lefties!  The shape is essentially broken up into three main sections. Top, two sides, and then cut-outs between each make for some impressive viewing angles. The new Corsair Sails logo is the focal point from the rear, and 1 of 3 lighting zones.



Spinning around to look at the left side mouse, your eyes will be drawn to the blood red snipe button. Above that, we have two customizable buttons also. There’s a slow and gradual curve, finishing with a small lip for your thumb to sit upon. Notice the orange-lit area; the Sails logo glows from above creating an under glow.


The sniper button is the one most will use, though the two smaller above, will be a joy for other users. They are a decent size, but might be a touch small for those with bigger hands.


From above, we can see the M65 PRO RGB in all its glory. Current DPI mode is displayed with its own unique colour, switching between the 5 profiles is handled via the up and down clickers. These buttons sit higher than the lighting section in the middle, so when you roll back to find them, they are slightly raised to locate them easier.


The scroller features a rubber coating, and operates silently, when rolled but produces a very audible click when pressed. From the front side, we notice the design is uniform in terms of shape, with both clickers on top of the Omron switches being the same length and shape. The right side of the mouse has no additional buttons or pinky support. Instead, Corsair has opted to remove a small section, this allows the under glow to spill out and offer more lighting onto your surface. An interesting feature is the offset cable.



On the underside, we find the oversized glides and that insane 12K DPI sensor. (Pixart PMW336x)


Corsair M65 PRO RGB

Out of the box, the mouse weighs 135.5 grams, but you can remove them individually to change the center of gravity. With them all removed, the weight is reduced to 115. Grams

Finally is the 1.8m cable, which is braided. The Cable is quite stiff and thick but almost weightless. A nice add-on is an extra frame around the USB to cable section, this adds rigidity.

[Software + Lighting]

CUE is a fun and friendly application to work with. It’s incredibly easy to navigate and tweak the mouse with, assigning and remapping the extra buttons is effortless.

Corsair CUE Main Application

Corsair CUE Main Application- actions editor

Unlike some software on the market, Corsair does not impose any limits. You can change what the buttons, with so any different things from shortcuts to full blow macros.


Corsair CUE Main Application- settings

The mouse’s main settings and profile colours are easy to manage, and a number of options is impressive. Individual colours can be set for each profile, a nice touch.

Aside from using Corsair own built-in profile and colour effects, you can craft your own.

From the lighting tab we can control both lighting zones, and use effects such as

  • Rainbow
  • Solid Colour
  • Colour Shift
  • Colour Pulse

Each can be tweaked via HTML code, or using the colour picker.

Corsair CUE Main Application- lighting 2


[Testing and Final thoughts]

I will state here, what I do in every review of this nature. Speakers, headsets, mice and keyboards all fall into a grey area for reviewing. What I aim to provide is a fair and accurate overview and test of the product. The reality is, though, that no benchmarking method or repeatable test exists and what I provide is nothing more than my experience with the product. That said, if something obvious and major is wrong, I’ll let you know!

We don’t have a predefined list of games for our testing. As time has passed, new releases are often thrown into the mix, but more often than not old schoolers like Unreal tournament, and CS: GO are at the center of the testing. That said, I never jump into a gaming on day one of our mice reviews, as I feel it fair to allow for the transition period. We’ve all been there with say a new keyboard; you spend the entire day mashing all the wrong keys, activating lights and such. Mice have a similar and distinct transition period.

After a few days to settle and become accustomed to the M65 PRO RGB, I loaded up a few FPS and gave it some serious testing. Hours turned into days and…You get the picture. I’ve had the M65 under my hand for a good while now, and I’m ready to share my thoughts. As my daily driver is small, and low ambidextrous affair, I often find that day 2-3 is tough when I review mice. Aches are often a problem, but the shape of M65 caused no such issue despite being taller than I prefer…

Comfort was great, with no concerns to report. Utilizing Corsairs brilliant software, I tweaked the mouse to my liking. I really appreciate the amount of control Corsair offer, and the 5 profiles are so much better than the 2, my current mouse has. I’m only an occasional gamer, because I do a lot of editing both video and images. So having multiple profiles was a joy. In terms of performance, coupled up with the MM300 also from Corsair, I found the M65 to be silky smooth all day, every day. The 12K DPI was essentially wasted on me, and I suspect most users that buy the M65 PRO RGB too. I’m sure it’s awesome for someone out there… but not me!

The sniper button location and the two above it are incredibly easy to use, there’s no stretching or effort to make use. Likewise, the clickers have just the right amount of resistance. The mouse is brilliant, but the software (CUE) deserves some attention too, as it unlocks the products potential. You can spend and age tweaking away, especially with the lighting. I’ve made my thoughts on RGB clear many times, and the trend is showing no signs of slowing, so expect some more moaning in the future too.

Regarding the actual lighting effect and color representation, the M65 PRO RGB does a fair job. Not perfect I might add, but for most standard colours, the product can deliver. The front LED is just too timid we feel, and while the logo area is just right…it’s under your hand most of the time.


We would like to thank Corsair for providing the sample. We look forward to seeing more from them, shortly!


Corsair M65 Pro RGB Mouse Review
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Great Value
[Bottom Line]
The Corsair M65 RGB Mouse offers so much, for such a small price tag. Omron switches, top quality materials, and RGB. In a very crowded market, sometimes epic products are overlooked. You should have this at the top of your list, if you have a budget of 50 pounds or so. Worth upgrading from the Original M65 then? Sure thing, the refined design, and materials, along with a new sensor and RGB make perfect sense. Coming from the M65 RGB? No, not really, unless you need the 12K sensor!
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