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Combaterwing Extended Gaming Mouse Pad Review

Combaterwing Extended Gaming Mouse Pad Review. I’ve had a few gaming mats now, as have many friends of mine, so I have a good idea of what matters. For me I needed something that offers a comfy area for my wrist, and good glide for my mouse. This product did offer that

All such products are rolled for transit, so once you open it up you should expect a few bumps and creases. They will flatten within a day or two. That being said, this was wrapped so tight for the box and I did manage to fray the edges, due to me applying excessive force to remove it. (as shown below). If you find the mat is tight inside the box, I’d say cut the box open to avoid the mistake I made (frayed stitching)

The first impressions of the mat are good, the combo of black and red works very well. I’d imagine there would be some demand for the other colour combos of black and green too. The stitching around the edges is thick and neat, it is slightly raised, so if you’re new to these types of product,s it may cause some initial irritation. I developed a hovering method with my mouse and it’s just fine. other people don’t mind the bump but I’m just letting you know

The surface is super smooth and offers a nice gaming experience. The Size of 700 x 300 x 2 mm is ideal for both a keyboard and mouse combo, without dominating the entire desk. Gaming experience with the product was great, super comfy and I assure you, the benefits of immediate. The underside is intended to be antislip, and offer many house gaming I can confirm it is indeed.


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Combaterwing Extended Gaming Mouse Pad Large Size Anti-slip Rubber Base 2mm Thick 27.6 x 11.8 x 0.08 inches for Computer PC and Laptop

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  • 1. Measuring 700mm by 300mm: Combaterwing extended mouse pad provides a larger usable area to cover keyboard, Mouse and stuff on the desktop when playing games. At the same time, this mouse pad can protect your desk.
  • 2. Ultra Smooth Surface, Accurate and Controllable: Ensures fast movement while maintaining speed and control during gaming. Offers a smooth tracking surface for your mouse.
  • 3. Soft and Stable with 2mm Thickness: Anti-slip natural rubber top surface provides comfort. This mouse pad will not slide while in use. Portable and durable for long term use.
  • 4. Waterproof Surface: Waterproof coating prevents damage from spilled drinks or other accidents. Use with the advanced natural rubber. Benefit for human body. Easy to wash.
  • 5. Elaborate Edge: Stitched frame ensures it doesn't fray or fall apart like other mouse pads. 12 months worry-free product guarantee for every purchase. Professional technical support and always satisfied customer service all the year round.

Product Description

Combaterwing Large Keyboard and Mouse PadSpecification1. Size: 700 x 300 x 2 mm ( 27.6 x 11.8 x 0.08 inches )2. Color: Black with red edge stitching3. Material: Natural rubber4. Weight: 332g5. Applicability: Perfect for optical and trackbal mouse. Washing Instructions:1. Machine Wash: Cold on low speed. Air dry.2. Hand Wash: Rub the mouse pad gently with a moist cloth. Rinse and air dry.Washing Note:1. Don't wash with the brush.2. It will better to have a hand wash.3. Please don't rubbing, twisting and rubbing strongly.4. Don't use with washing powder or other alkaline strong washing products.5. Please keep it away from sunlight when airing. Warranty12 months worry-free product guarantee for every purchase from Combaterwing. Professional technical support and always satisfied customer service all the year round.


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