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BitFenix Shogun Midi Tower Tempered Glass Gaming Case Review

BitFenix Shogun Midi Tower Tempered Glass Gaming Case Review. Today we put an attractive product under the microscope and deliver our verdict. Feature wise the Shogun gaming has a lot to offer. With great watercooling support, unique lighting, and a mass amount of options for storage. A product of this caliber does warrant a higher asking price. UK Pricing on the day of review is £144.95 (correct at the time of writing) available from OverclockersUK
BitFenix Shogun Midi Tower Tempered Glass Gaming Case Review
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[Features and Specs]

With the input from some of the world’s renowned enthusiasts, we have developed the BitFenix Shogun be an extremely desirable chassis with many desirable features. Carrying on the theme of simplicity from our famous Shinobi, Shogun is the newest flagship design model from BitFenix. May it be performance or looks, Shogun is the best of both worlds. With the top level aesthetics, novel features and extreme compatibility BitFenix Shogun is one of the most advanced and user friendly chassis in the market.

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  • – Elegant Aluminum Design
  • – Dual Tempered Glass Side Panels
  • – Quick Custom storage design
  • – Quick Custom SSD Chroma
  • – Quick Custom EATX Shield
  • – BitFenix Chroma Control and SSD BitFenix Chroma
  • – Advanced design GPU Safe Bracket
  • – Support Graphic Card Length up to 400mm
  • – Up to 25mm Cable management Space
  • – Supports top mounted 360mm Radiator


  • – Chassis Type:
    • Super Midi-Tower
  • – Motherboard:
    • E-ATX/ATX/M-ATX/Mini-ITX
  • – Material:
    • Aluminium, SECC Steel, Tempered Glass
  • – CPU Cooler:
    • Up to 175mm height
  • – Max Graphic Card Length:
    • 410mm
  • – Max PSU length:
    • 250mm
  • – Storage Capacity:
    • 5.25″ ODD – 0
    •  3.5″ HDD – 6
    • 2.5″ HDD – 6+2
  • – Cooling Capacity:
    • Front – Up to 140mm x 2 or 120mm x 3 (2 x 120mm included)
    • Rear – 120mm x 1 (included) 1 x 140mm,
    • Top – Up to 140mm x 2 or 120mm x 3
  • – Radiator Capacity:
    • Front – Up to 280m,
    • Top – Up to 360mm,
    • Rear – Up to 140mm
  • – Front I/O:
    • USB3.0 x 2
    • USB2.0 x 2
    • HD Audio, Mic & Headphone
  • – Dimensions:
    • 250 x 565 x 525
  • – Net Weight:
    • 14.15KG

Courtesy of Bitfenix, See more detail

Prefer a video rather than text? Watch this overview from Bitfenix


[nextpage title=”Packaging and Bundle”]

The Shogun arrived in a substantial box, the first thing to mention is the weight! Many of our recent reviews have been for products like this, and the bulk of the weight is linked to the glass panels. The shogun weighs in at almost 15kg, and weight is always a sign of good quality. The box features a Samurai on one side, and a nice detailed breakdown features on the reverse side

Internal packaging is ample, and Bitfenix has added additional support in areas of product, that could take damage during shipping. This is a smart move. Our box took a beating, and the product was in perfect condtion.

The bundle is found in a card box and consists of screws and bolts.


[nextpage title=”Exterior Product Tour”]

We start our tour on the exterior of the Shogun. A super clean design on the front panel, with a stealth bay cover towards the top and nothing else. No slits, no cutouts, no LED light…nothing. If you want something low-key and easy on the eye, this ticks the boxes. Rounded edges always appeal to me, and the SHOGUN nails it.

BitFenix Shogun Midi Tower Tempered Glass Gaming Case Review

As we’ll soon see, the SHOGUN borrows many classic Bitfenix traits, with portions of the case looking strikingly similar to the prodigy, Phenom, and Pandora. While I understand the choice to include a bay cover, I wish they hadn’t. Sure, virtually hidden but still isn’t to my taste. The Shogun stands at 565mm and is 250mm wide, so do check for desk clearance!

BitFenix Shogun Midi Tower Tempered Glass Gaming Case Review

A stand out feature of the Shogun, is being able to break it down and remove almost every part. Starting with the front panel, which pulls away with ease as there’s no I/O wiring connected.

This one particular area does baffle me, as Bitfenix has preinstalled 2x 120mm fans, which can be swapped out for 140mm versions if you wished. Which is great but…

There is clearly room for another 120mm above for a 360mm radiator install, which would have increased the Shoguns appeal even more so. As is, with no modifications the case will take up to a 280mm AIO or standlone radiator for custom installs.

The I/O is positioned under a sleek aluminum panel. With a centered power button. USB ports at either side,  reset and lighting control buttons to the right. Finally audio jacks with Microphone and headset jacks on the left.

BitFenix Shogun Midi Tower Tempered Glass Gaming Case Review
The base of the Shogun is an exact mirror of the top panel, with four rubber pads. No feet seems odd, right?

There was actually no need, as this panel is already lifting up the product by about 40mm, and creating a channel for air between it and the filter above.

BitFenix Shogun Midi Tower Tempered Glass Gaming Case Review
Air is drawn in from the lowest point of the front panel, and pushed into the case via the preinstalled fans. The panel also features air slits down the edges too

 At the opposite side, a handy dust filter has been fitted, and removal is very easy. No silly clips or buttons to release, just pull and slide out. Then click back into place
BitFenix Shogun Midi Tower Tempered Glass Gaming Case Review
Look familiar? the backside is remarkably similar to the Pandora, which we reviewed way back. Those curved edges produce a sleek and unique shape.
BitFenix Shogun Midi Tower Tempered Glass Gaming Case Review
The vent that runs along the entirety of the top compartment, again a rehash from the Pandora, and there’s nothing wrong with that! What worked then, certainly does now. This substantial space, allows air to escape but offers something more pleasant on the eyes.

The backside is generic, but despite offering E-ATX support, we only have 7 PCI slots vs. the more desirable 8 for multi-card users. The PSU mount has additional holes for PSU fan up/down
[nextpage title=”Interior Product Tour”]BitFenix Shogun Midi Tower Tempered Glass Gaming Case Review

Four thumbscrews hold the glass panels, on either side of the Shogun. Notice the unique shape of the frame behind, these small design elements add some character and separate this from the many others now hitting the market.The meeting point of the panels and case, is lined with soft rubber to ensure a good contact but also avoids any damage to the glass. Again a small but welcome addition not seen often.BitFenix Shogun Midi Tower Tempered Glass Gaming Case Review

The top panel took a fair amount of force and effort to remove the first time. After you’ve done it a few times, it became so much easier.  The prefixed mount allows installs of 120,140,240,280 and 360mm radiators. Bitfenix use slits rather than holes, which adds more flexibility

I’m pleased to see the mount is offset, avoiding any potential clashes with RAM below it,

BitFenix Shogun Midi Tower Tempered Glass Gaming Case Review

The included fans are decent, and do a good job of pushing air, while maintaining fair acoustic levels. While colored fans would have been more desirable, they restrict the audience and we understand the decision not to include them.

BitFenix Shogun Midi Tower Tempered Glass Gaming Case Review

With no changes, and just using the product as is, it’s able to handle a mass amount of hardware. What if you wanted to use less, prefer a cleaner look? Watercooling and need some more space for pumps, reservoir, and other kit?  Or you literally, have no need for the vast array of storage bays?

No problem, as the Shogun is lined with removable panels, bays, and caddies. All held into place with thumbscrews, sadly most of are overtightened out of the box.

BitFenix Shogun Midi Tower Tempered Glass Gaming Case Review

The two upper removable caddies will accommodate 4x 3.5 or 2.5″ drives, using a sliding raid system.  A really unique element is the GPU support brace system. Three are installed, but you can remove them individually to suit your setup.

It’s a simple but useful addition. Honestly, while it works well, I would have preferred these to have been made of clear plastic. Also, The gray rubber padding looks out of place to me.

BitFenix Shogun Midi Tower Tempered Glass Gaming Case Review

We had our first glimpse of the AURA caddies, when we examined the AURORA recently. This implementation is more in your face and designed to catch attention. A dual purpose section as it actually doubles up as sleek PSU shroud too.

Ideally, you’ll want matching drives installed on either side. Being ASUS certified, it can be linked with software and synced with RGB Strips, and onboard motherboard/GPU lighting.

The panel is optional, regardless if you opt to leave it installed or not. Hiding behind it is another SSD mount on the floor. You install a PSU up to 250mm in length, with no clashes or limitations, to manage wires there is a chunky grommet to feed cabling  into the backside

Want some more space? Then grab a screwdriver and brace yourself as the caddies tend to have 3/4 screws in each!

With all the GPU braces and HD cages removed, there’s still one more plate left on the floor. While it is not declared anywhere, and obviously for drives… this is a prime spot for a watercooling pump.

The E-ATX plate adds grommets, and cleans up the blank area. Shame it’s not full lengtht.

BitFenix Shogun Midi Tower Tempered Glass Gaming Case Review

For front mounted radiators, there’s really no limit here for ATX users. Push/Pull of any thickness radiator is doable

BitFenix Shogun Midi Tower Tempered Glass Gaming Case Review

The darkened panels help on the backside of the case, as you can’t really see inside unless you add some additional lighting. I’m really impressed the layout here and the number of options for a build. With ample amount of space between the tray and glass, intelligent use of space and proper cable routing. The velcro straps are a blessing avoiding the need for cable ties

The CPU cutout has been done correctly. It will for sure, play its role in allowing CPU and water block installs without the hassle of removing the board first. Lighting is all handled with the intergrated PCB, which requires a molex PSU cable

BitFenix Shogun Midi Tower Tempered Glass Gaming Case Review

If you don’t feel like making use of the SSD mounts in the front, or using the RGB lighting solution. You can add 2x 3.5″ drives directly on the rear. These are held into place with thumbscrews but are secure. As you’ll need to screw the SSD directly the actual plates.

At the bottom right, this particular cutout is ideal, to route headers such as AUDIO/USB

[nextpage title=”Build & Observations”]


Building inside the Shogun was fantastic. I particularly admired the modular system, being able to remove the top/front panels, GPU braces and hard drive cages, My only gripe is the amount of screws involved, and  most are overtightened.You have a lot of options here in the Shogun, much more than most on the market and ideally, you want to add some nice water cooling to make the most of the product.

We installed a slick all black/air cooled rig, to demo the Shogun

BitFenix Shogun Midi Tower Tempered Glass Gaming Case Review

BitFenix Shogun Midi Tower Tempered Glass Gaming Case Review

You can be a bit lazy on cable management in the SHOGUN, with so much room tuck the wires, and with the darkened panel, it wont be seen anyway! The lighting around the SSDs is decent but you’ll need a strip to make any really impact. The doors are just too dark…

(Below)Much better with an Alchemy 2.0 strip installed, all synced to the ASUS Z270E motherboard

BitFenix Shogun Midi Tower Tempered Glass Gaming Case Review

[Example Watercooled build]



[Clearance and observations]

Out of the box, the Shogun has no issues at all. Feel free to add any length GPU, any tower cooler, as many or as little amount of drives as you wish. A 360mm in the roof its all good in the shogun

For AIO users, no worry areas to mention, you can install up to a 280mm in the front In terms of clearance, you have 75mm from case edge to motherboard. (45mm rad + 1x 25mm thick set of fans)

Custom watercoolers, you’ve been wall catered for too, the only thing lacking that would have been nice, is the reservoir mount found with the AURORA, that said the E-ATX plate offers plenty of places to drill your own, and the plate i referred earlier in the floor is prime for a pump

[nextpage title=”Final Thoughts”]

So then it’s time to wrap up our findings and deliver a verdict. The Shogun is essentially a perfect blend of all the recent, and some classic BitFenix products. Small elements have been borrowed and coupled together, and the end result is epic. We’ve seen this done before by other brands, the end results have been abysmal. This isn’t. Out of the box, it’s able to swallow everything you could possibly want to install, and will still yearn for more. OK slight exaggeration, but you know what we mean!

Ascetics are stellar, and its down to you to tweak and make it your own. While RGB still divides the crowd, its all about balance, it doesn’t need to look like you have a rainbow vomiting inside your PC, with some tweaking, and smart placement of an RGB strip the Shogun looks elegant. Ideally you ‘ll want to use the magnetic alchemy strip for easier installation and option to move them in the future.  While the product is destined to be matched with some ASUS hardware to really shine (literally) don’t feel offput if you’re not using such hardware. The shogun is still a viable choice and you can create a near similar experience with some manual tuning.

What kind of build is the shogun suited for then? The short answer is any but ideally, you ought to be installing at least an AIO or a custom water setup to make the most of the feature set. That said, an air cooled gaming rig would look almost as nice in the shogun too ( as we showed earlier). In terms of what Bitfenix has done on the exterior and interior, we’re delighted and find no worry or concern areas to mention. Credit to the design team, they’ve nailed it here. As always another positive experience with BitFenix, and we eagerly await to see what they deliver next!

UK Pricing on the day of review is £144.95

BitFenix Shogun Midi Tower Tempered Glass Gaming Case Review

BitFenix Shogun Midi Tower Tempered Glass Gaming Case Review
BitFenix Shogun Midi Tower Tempered Glass Gaming Case - Review
Reader Rating2 Votes9.8
Sleek Design
Clever RGB elements
Tons of cooling options
E-ATX Support
GPU bracing system
Classy tempered panels
Panels are dark and you'll need some extra lighting
360mm in the front was doable...shame Bitfenix didn't offer it
Bottom Line
Looking for a case that's able to accommodate your next gaming rig? One that has room to grow, elements you won't see elsewhere? All with a reasonable price...this is the one After much debate... we're granting GOLD
Check price @ OverclockersUK ?

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