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Amzdeal® 15 x Lamps Daylight Continuous Lighting Softbox Review

Amzdeal® 15 x Lamps Daylight Continuous Lighting Softbox Review

I purchase this kit to improve my videos on my youtube channel. Finding the right kit isn’t easy, with so much choice online. Inside the kit; we have 3x tripods, which extend a lot! 3x lamp heads, 15x bulbs, 3x softboxes and an additional boom arm mount with a counterweight bag.

Setup was a little confusing at first, as there are no instruction included. The method is actually very easy. I would suggest placing the softboxes over the lamp heads, before screwing in the bulbs. Unfasten the velcro firs though, so you can slide it over easier. Then take one of the mounting arms and push it into the lamp head (as shown in the video) the other side slides into the corner of the softbox, repeat the method for each corner. Finally add the lights and white cover, which sticks down into place with velcro.

What’s really cool about the kit having 5x lights in each lamp, is flexibility. Each light is handled with its own on/off switch. This means I can control the amount light in my videos and photos.

The boom arm is a cool addition, to enable you to add lighting from above, ideal for top-down video or shots. You can actually purchase additional mounting parts, and use one of the tripods/boom arm for your camera and the other 2x softboxes for lighting( rather than 3) , allowing panning and swooping shots. The movement is very smooth and judder free

Packaging was brilliant, arriving in pristine condition. Cable for the lights are over 2m in length, something that helps me a lot, compared to my last kit with tiny cabling! Well worth investing in!


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Amzdeal® 15 x Lamps Daylight Continuous Lighting Softbox Soft Box Kit Quick EZ Setup five Heads 50 x 70 cm Softbox and Boom Arm

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  • PROFESSIONAL LIGHTING KIT: Main/Key Light, boom hair light, and fill light for a complete portrait set up
  • SOFTBOX DIFFUSION: These 4 head softboxes are equipped with a removable inner diffusion panel for further control of the light quality
  • PORTRAIT STUDIO: The options are endless with this portrait lighting kit! Two soft boxes balance the light on each side of the subject with the overhead boom lights from the top to create depth between your subject and the background
  • MULTIPLE USES: Go from shooting still stop video with beautify lighting.
  • LIGHT BULB: 15×45w, 5500K, E27, Aluminum alloy Light stand:0.8-2m, 70 x 50cm Softboxes, five heads with upgrade boom arm

Product Description

Description: The Amzdeal Fluorescent Three 5 Socket Head with 70 x 50cm Softbox Kit is one of our top selling lighting kits. The EZ Quick Setup 70 x 50cm Softbox with Boom Arm is also a five socket head softbox that is perfect for a hair or back light on your subject to help them pop from the background. The EZ softbox collapses into a compact carrying bag and opens up quickly and easily. This light kit includes Three five socket heads, three 70 x 50cm softboxes, 15 x 45W bulbs, 135cm boom arm, three light stands. It is common to use one light as your main, one as your fill, and the boom as your hair light, but the options are endless! Our five heads each feature three power control switches on the back that allow you to have custom light control. Amzdeal fluorescent lamps also convert electricity more efficiently than traditional incandescent lamps, or household bulbs, which means you get about five times more light for the same amount of electricity! Best Photo or Video Uses:...



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