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Aerocool Aero 1000 Midi Tower Case Review

Aerocool Aero 1000 Midi Tower Case Review. Today we explore a recent product launch from Aerocool, we’ve seen a few of their products in the past, and I’ve been pleased with them all. Today’s product has a real subtle but elegant design.

Support for up to 5x fans, dual radiators, coolers up to 170mm tall, available in either black or white.
The Aero 1000 could be a perfect case, and with a price tag of £50  it seems to be fair value too. Let’s answer the important question, is it?


– Great Water-cooling Support – either 240 or 280mm radiator (Front & Top)
– Dual USB 3.0 Super Speed ports and HD audio
– Large Acrylic left side window for clear viewing.
– Removable 3.5” HDD cage supports long graphic card up to 410mm.
– Supports max. CPU cooler height of 170mm.
– Supports max. PSU length of 220mm.
– Removable PSU dust filter for easy cleaning.
– Shock-proof rubber for 3.5” HDDs and PSU.
– Pre-drilled holes for cable management to reduce cable mess.
– Supports up to 5×3.5” HDD or 7×2.5” HDD/SSD installation.
0 – 2x120mm included in the front & 1x120mm included in the rear.


– Case Type: Middle Tower
– Colour: White
– Material: 0.8mm
– Motherboards: ATX/Micro ATX / Mini ITX
– Chassis Dimensions: 210 x 463 x 450mm (W x H x D)
– Case Dimensions: 210 x 500 x 491.7mm (W x H x D, overall)
– 5.25” Drive Bays: 2 (Exposed)
– 3.5” Drive Bays: 5 (Internal, compatible with 2.5”HDD/SSD)
– 2.5” Drive Bays: 2 (Internal)
– Expansion Slots: 7
– Max length space available for PCI slots: 290mm (410mm – Without middle HDD cage)
– I/O Ports: 2 x USB3.0 + HD Audio & Mic.
– Height limit for CPU coolers: Support Max. Height of 170 mm For CPU Cooler
– Net Weight: 8.9 Kg (G.W 10.6 Kg)
– Fan: 120 x 120 x 25 mm
– Rated voltage: DC 12V
– Operating Voltage Range: 6.0~13.2V
– Starting voltage:7V
– Power consumption: 1.44W+10%Max
– Rated current: 0.12A+10%Max
– Locked Current: 0.3A+10%Max
– Speed: 1200+-10%RPM
– Air Flow (CFM): 36.4CFM
– Air Pressure: 1.32mm-H2O
– Noise (dBA): 26.5dBA
– MTBF: 20000 hours

Courtesy of Aerocool, read more HERE

[Packaging and Accessories]


Packaging for the Aero 1000, is the generic brown box method. With concise and meaningful information around the box edges. Internal packaging is the normal Styrofoam and plastic wrapped. To ensure the product arrives in good condition

Aerocool Aero 1000 Midi Tower Case Review (50)
Aside from the detailed and adequate manual. The bundle is a fair offering, zip ties, stand-off setter, and mass of screws for the build.

[Closer Look]

As always, we will start our tour front the front of the case, and work our way around it.

The two 5.25″ bays covers, can be removed with ease. Simply open the silver tabs to release them, while I appreciate the simplicity of the method I’m not keen on the silver. I suppose I would rather the bays had been all black,  rather than attract attention, to a segment of the case that so many of us no longer need.
Glancing further down a removable meshed panel covers the bulk of the front panel. To remove it for maintenance and such, simply press the top centre, and the mechanism will release. A surprise but welcome addition was the secondary filter.
However, removal of this can be frustrating. With a total of 4 clips holding it down in place, it did prove troublesome to press each to unlock it. You’ll likely as I did, find that one unlocks and when you move to the next, the first one will lock itself again.
Underneath the filter, system are 2x 120mm fans that Aerocool  have provided. You can swap them out for your own, or install larger 140mm fans instead, which means you could indeed fit a 140mm/280mm AIO cooler or single radiator in this spot.


Spinning the case over now, to examine the underside and it’s a very simple design. I really appreciate the choice to add support panels, raising the case up about 80mm, rather than use traditional and boring rubber feet.
This feature allows the case to draw a great deal of cool air. However, Aerocool appeared to have missed an opportunity, to expand this further it, leaving the centre blank. The single point of access for air or over the PSU area, with a complimenting pull out dust filter.



The dust filter system on the top of the case is a magnetic type. So maintenance is quick and effective. Underneath we have mounts for 2x120mm or 2x140mm fans, again the option to install AIOs or radiators is doable.
A good move from Aerocool  is the use of slits rather than fixed holes, this allows some flexibility in placement and increased compatibility.  The ventilated panel is recessed. and with the filter in place, it blends seamlessly.  The overall design is a simple one, this section is specially designed for radiators, despite this is seems as if it was meant to be, and  I’m drawn to the curved edges.
Likewise, the I/O is a plain design. Coloured black, which actually accents well against the white frame. The buttons and such are flat, we have a square power button (blue led), smaller reset, dual USB 3.0 and audio in/out.



Nothing of significance to mention about the rear of the Aero 1000, watercooling grommets, 120mm fan, 7 meshed PCI covers and a bottom mounted PSU. Which has holes for both orientations, suiting fan up/down setups.



I’m a big fan of side panel windows, but brands don’t always get it right. We get off on a positive note here with the Aero 1000, as the sides panel are completely flat, no bulges, accents or such. The window is placed neatly against the panel producing a really sleek overall look.
Over the years, we’ve had so much variation, but honestly the thing detest the most is seeing a panel ruined with holes and fan mounts. Aerocool has nailed it here with a clean panel, what’s more, the actual size is logical, it’s 2015 we don’t want to see the optical bays anymore!
Each panel is held in place, with  traditional thumbscrews, I’ve become a fan of captive screws but for £50 or so, I don’t mind not seeing them on the Aero 1000.

Aerocool Aero 1000 Midi Tower Case Review (35)
We will break tradition and have a look around the backside of the case today first, and what we find is a good effort from Aerocool. 3 main grommets for cable routing and an oversized forth near the PSU area.  Cable management ought to easy enough, but cable zip points are lacking.
What I do appreciate is something so many brands have got wrong for years…the product support mini-itx and micro-atx, and they actually added logical cable pass through points (above PSU mount) hardly anyone does this!
Finally we have an oversized CPU window cutout, for access and maintenance when installing water blocks or coolers.


Looking now into the main compartment of the case, everything is clean and generic. I’ve never understood the point of those random stamped patterns, so many companies add in them, but hey at least these ones are pleasant to look at! We have a very generous and able storage capacity here and you’ll notice the lower portion is aligned differently.
The case can handle  up to 5×3.5” HDD or 7×2.5” HDD/SSD
as I touched on earlier, I’m surprised that Aerocool didn’t make use on the floor and add extra ventilation. Now we’re looking inside it makes more sense however, the lower storage bays are placed away front the front panel, this allows you to install a radiator between the cages and front, a smart move!
Of course, that middle cage would hinder and block radiators and can be removed. Simply unscrew the two thumbscrews and slide it out, doing so will increase GPU compatibility to 410mm, from the default 290mm
With the cage removed the Aero 1000 will take radiators with a thickness, of up to 45mm

[The Build]

For this case, we decieded to push the product to it’s limits and test its claim of space, large PSU and watercooling support. We also used our challenging and oversized PSU, bringing it  out of retirement and installed that, I must say though that particular PSU is a tough test even for the roomiest cases. It has a ton of long, and thick fixed cables.
The Aero has about 20mm of space between the motherboard tray and panel edge. Remember the side panels are 100% flat, so you’ll have to be careful, even with our monster 220mm PSU installed, I think it looked just fine!
We also removed the cage to grant additional room for our GPU and a watercooling setup in the front. Notice in the last image, it’s not a requirement for most Graphics cards.
We installed a Fractal Design Kelvin 240mm in the roof, and there is potential to use push/pull. Sadly Aerocool has used centred mounted holes, rather than offset. So it’ll depend on your config as what will fit for you. I measured a good 35mm between fans and RAM, but the motherboard shrouding conflicted.
If you would prefer to use the front, that’s an option too.  With the rise of cooling products for GPU’s you could even fit one in the roof for the CPU and another in the front for the GPU.
The only issue with the front mount is limited space, sure it can take a decent sized rad, but no luck with a push/pull dual fan configuration I’m afraid

From a custom system builder, modder and watercooling perspective, there is potential. You’d most likely want to remove all the optical bays, but you don’t have anywhere to screw a tube reservoir too. Something like a the radiator bracket would suffice

[Final Thoughts]

The Aerocool Aero 1000, has a been a delight to work with. We must first deal with products very small flaws. In general the product is fantastic, but they are some areas I would like to see revised in future models. These are my personal opinions, and some of you might not agree. Looking at this from a water coolers and system builder perspective, I can’t help but feel the product has been limited, and that the amount of space hasn’t been used to it maximum potential.
See only a handful of case manufacturers, have finally accepted not all of us need or want optical bays anymore. In 2015, it’s been about 7 years now since I last used a one, I’ve little interest in fans controller, and when I watercool I use tube reservoirs. I’m not alone, so when the odd few brands do offer a bayless or removable 5.25 bays it’s really appreciated.  Watercooling support for a 360mm in the roof or front panel, would have been an option if they just allowed us to remove it. Personally I’d grab the drill and take it out! I’d also like to have seen an offset mounts in the roof, allowing some more clearance between the motherboard and AIO coolers/fans, because there is enough space, sadly Aerocool haven’t made the most of it. Finally I didn’t like the silver tabs on the optical covers…picky I know but why silver?

On to the more positive,  we are talking about a £50-£60 product here, and being realistic about the matter, everything else about the Aero 1000 is brilliant. The materials used  to construct it really make a difference, the majority of the product is made with high-quality steel, only the front fascia is plastic, though it’s not really apparent. The decision to use steel, obviously has bumped up the price point but it’s the right decision. The case is stronger and sturdier than most, the paint finish is superior too.  The shape and design is simple but oddly that appeals massively to me, and I’m sure it will to many others. The low profile, understated shape is great. Those subtle curves on the top panel, the oversized feet and window all work in unison.

Out of the box, the amount of storage option is appreciated, and like most products on the market, larger GPU’s are compatible, with the removal of the larger cage. Thankfully you don’t lose too much in terms of storage ability when you do. The decision to offset the lower fixed cages is smart especially now we are in the AIO age, the choice to have a cooler in the roof or front is great. Something not many cases in the £50 territory can do, and the Aero 1000 does it farily well. This is echoed again in the roof, because of the oversized top panel. Clearance is not likely to be an issue, even with thicker radiators but as I said above, Aerocool have put the mounts in the centre, and I wished they hadn’t

It’s a tough one to grade, but basically I love everything about it…yes with some more careful planning it could have been even better! Based on everything I’ve seen with the Aero 1000 we are granting the “Silver” Award” if Aerocool could address these small flaws, perhaps in a v2? I would be delighted to grant our Gold instead.

Aerocool Aero 1000 Midi Tower Case Review. Today we explore a recent product launch from Aerocool, we've seen a few of their products in the past, and I've been pleased with them all. Today's product has a real subtle but elegant design. Support for up to 5x fans, dual radiators, coolers up to 170mm tall, available in either black or white. The Aero 1000 could be a perfect case, and with a price tag of £50  it seems to be fair value too. Let's answer the important question, is it? [Features] - Great Water-cooling Support - either 240 or 280mm radiator (Front &…

Aerocool Aero 1000 Midi Tower Case Review

Price - 9
Design - 8.5
User Rating: 4.7 ( 1 votes)
We would like to thank Aerocool for providing the sample, and we look forward to seeing more from them, in the near future!

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